April Residential Loans Successes Keep On Rolling

Good morning to the joy of home ownership,

This past month has found our clients are smiling.

One of our clients is self-employed. This has its own challenges, especially when buying a second home – and this one in the beautiful Gold Country.

But who doesn’t like a good challenge.

With a quick turn-around on our appraisal, carefully shopping to find the right fire insurance, and overcoming lender fears – they love keeping you on your toes – our client are now vacationing in their success story. I love this business.

First lender may say NO, but we don’t quit.

The second success are close friends who suddenly found their perfect place. Like others, this too, came with a challenge. Here the lender said, no. Needless to say, I was surprised. Yet we had a back-up lender in place, just in case. With fast work, a better approach, and transferring the great appraisal, we quickly found approval. The results: We closed the purchase ON TIME !

Part of our knowing the market as we do, is being prepared for bumps in the road. No-one dodges them all. Yet the question is how they are handled , how quickly one responds. For us, our success is founded in partnering with great agents, keeping close contact, and knowing our lenders. This is why our clients are successful in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

What a fabulous time to be a homeowner.

Thank you for referrals. Current low rates make the choice to upgrade, downsize or remodel, that much easier and we are good at making it happen. Give a call. Let’s review the potentials.

Gratefully yours,

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