Commercial Lending Successes for January 2018

Good morning to a Year of Expectations:

Positive best explains our economy. The Tax Reform package should prove to be a “real” benefit for not only small business, but commercial real estate as well. We will keep you up to date, as we filter out the full range of data and interpretations.

The Good News: We are an active lending specialists in these market:

construction loans – mezzanine or bridge loans – tenant improvement, etc.

Searching for project financing? Before taking the first step, let’s talk. This initial call is critical to your success, as we carefully review three essential: ) Availability of Capital, 2) Availability of product fit for your needs, and 3) Market expertise.

Are you looking to buy or re-allocate your current portfolio? During the holiday, I met with a stalwart in apartment brokerage. He listed five key factors moving our markets: 1) Changes in Gov’t taxes and regulations, 2) Shifts in the state of the economy, 3) Ability of client to buy, 4) Client age, and 5) Changes in client life-style. We agree and will bring these points into our conversations. What do you think?

We Pride in Your Success,

Regardless the road you chose, our experiences brings home the reality of two primary roadblocks to success: 1) time / timing, and 2) commitment to preparation. That said, let’s begin preparing today, thus keeping “Father-Time” as our friend.

Of special note: If you are facing a financing challenge with either: 1) a turn-around project, or 2) a failing tax-deferred exchange, due to “up-leg” financing, please call. We are skilled at helping you find success.

Our predictions: Begin preparing for rising Fed rates throughout 2018. There are two key factors: 1) inflationary check, and 2) the FED – and the EU – shifting policy away from 10-years of quantitative easing. This can be confusing in explanation, except to say bond yields – meaning interest rates – should move up. Keep in mind, stimulating economic growth is good, but if left unchecked, inflation can show its ugly head.

Stay in touch.

To a fabulous year ahead, we remain gratefully yours.

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