Commercial Lending Successes in July

Good morning,

We have put an emphasis this month on loans to our Veterans. Let’s finish the month by focusing, in particular, Veteran business loans. Note, within SBA lending, our Veteran’s fit a supportive niche, one not to be missed. Think of it as bonus points to get funding for a business. Call now as we we are ready to answer your questions.

This months’ commercial successes – Construction lending. In spite of any cautionary language to banks from the FDIC and Federal Reserve, our lending partners have and are funding major rehab, ground up housing and small subdivision developments. Great news. So call today.

We are and have recently worked on a 4 house single family ground up construction funding, a major square footage addition with rehab and site work funding, and a land – development project taking a dozen acres to 4 dozen houses.

With our fabulous projects and great funding partners, we are helping the potential of properties come to fruition. With this, comes an increase in the available housing we need, to meet the growing demand. If this is your arena, it’s time to talk. Let’s see how our knowledge and resources can help you turn investment potential into successful projects generating future profits.

We hope you keep reading our monthly letters, as we sharing the stats and knowledge applicable to you and the investing community. A favor to ask. Who comes to mind as you read this email who maybe looking to build or build on an existing property? Please call and let us know.

Have a fabulous day, we remain Gratefully yours.

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