Commercial Loan Success

Our list is not comprehensive, yet it does show the abilities we bring to yourself and or your clients..  We find and fund loans most banks turn down.

$ 750,000 cash out, 7 unit apartment building with un-reinforced brick foundation

$ 650,000 cash out, 6 unit apartment building for first time investor

$ 1,300,000 construction loan, 16 unit condo – townhouse complex

$ 580,000 construction completion loan for a non-profit organization

$ 440,000 loan to purchase investment property for a C Corporation / Restaurant

Many small commercial based loans to individuals and LLC’s for residential 1 – 4 unit investment properties

$ 624,000 SBA loan to a contract and a chiropractor to purchase building for the businesses

Many private money / hard money loans for many purposes.  Too many to list

SBA loan for a T-shirt screen company

SBA loan by a not-for-profit Education Association to purchase their commercial condo

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