December 2020 Letter From My Heart, with the Good Bad n’ Ugly

Good morning to Year-End 2020,

We are winners

Great News: We will work through CoVid-19 and the 2020 elections. 

May this month of the Christmas Season be one of pleasant conversations with more than just family, but even those on the periphery of our daily life. May we all better appreciate our freedoms and be witnesses to personal acts of loving kindness. Then maythe lights of this Season of great joy, shine even more brightly. 

Let’s Talk

Hoping to buy this Spring? Make now is the time to begin preparations. Call today. 

Let’s look at the facts that matter and avoid headline fears and frets. From where I sit, we are in the midst of a golden opportunity. 

Housing Stats:

With rates likely remaining low near-term, one’s “ability to buy”remainsfavorable. This is especially true as income increases. Current numbers suggest a 10 % increase in home values.

Second, things to do with real estate are rocking – from buying to rehab of existing properties. And when real estate is alive and active, one thing is KEY:

Being ready today, with a strong loan application in hand. 

This helps puts your Realtor in the best position, for your offer 

to become the winning offer. Being fully prepared is critical. 

And to show our promise to you, we have added an assistant specific to one task: Getting your pre-qualification setup and ready, now. Don’t Miss Out – Be Ready – Call Today.

Third, let’s review the media myth, as to ‘median home price’. This myth suggests we are a market too hot, to handle. Long-story short: Based on incomes, actual home values have increased a healthy 7 % over the past year – based on affordability. Media misuses “medianprice” to show 15% appreciation. It fails to say, because more higher priced homes were sold, relative to lower priced homes – median price must automatically go up. Key is relative. Thus this favored media number – medianprice – has limited, useful value, for Buyers. 

Bottom Line:

Call today and let’s prepare for Spring Buying Now.

What’s new for Real Estate 2021:

1) Conforming loan limits take a nice bump upwards. 

2) Rates remaining low. Slower economies in the EU, China, and Japan, continue to help.

3) Stable stock market – with a consumer friendly rate-policy, at the Federal Reserve.

4) Favorable markets should build buying power for our real estate market. 

4) Inflation remains soft: Stable oil prices and rising wages, offset by productivity. 

5) Demand for new construction – entry level housing – is gaining momentum. Good news.

Based on what we know, as of today, 2021 should be favorable with a good economy. 

The Good, the Bad n the Ugly

The Good:The giving hands and arm of ‘We The People’. Even when unsure if we trust the politics, we do not stop giving, sharing, and helping those in need. In this, we are thankful for the Salvation Army, Second Harvest, United Way and the Scouts – among the many. This includes all who freely support them. From me to you – Thank you for caring!

The Bad:The temptation of big media to manipulate, distort, and censor information we need and count on, to make wise choices. Few know 95 % of our media is owned by 6 families. It speaks to the fears of globalism and is contrary to the Small Business / middle-class America – with its free-enterprise spirit. This built America and holdsus unique in the world and history. Let’s not lose this precious gift. Let us not decimation the American middle class. If you wonder about this wonder, travel to any one of our smaller towns. If you fear globalism, look to the once thriving small town of Sydney Nebraska, or the steel cities of Ohio, even Detroit. Shame on us for allowing our politicians, to sell out Small Business, often for personal gain. 

The Ugly: CoVid and working parents. Consider the 4 million full-time working parents, with children under age 14, unable to find child-care. One parent ends up quitting their job. Outcome: September-December GDP shrinks near 0.5% – likely 1.25% for the school year. Andthough the economy improved, the labor participation rate for women, since June, has been flat, while up for men. We need solutions – not blame and excuses, nor displays of power. 

There is a slipper slope, one too easily lost. The great tragedy is once lost or surrendered, history suggest this gift of freedom and liberty – US Constitution and Bill of Rights – will be lost to darkness. Perhaps there is understanding and reasonings, for globalism. Yet history says this “vision” – too often dreamed – too often, quickly become a nightmare, with lasting, irreparable consequences.

Bottom line – Keep the American spirit and God’s message of Peace and love, close in your heart and first on your priority list. We are a nation of Small Business and free enterprise; of family, joyful traditions, and community – let’s not lose it. 

I thank you for being a regular readers – your input and your thoughts. My goal is provide perspectives, reasonings, and the words of the many experts I have shared time over these many years. Being active keeps us accountable to ourselves and gives justification for keeping our politicians aware and accountable to each of us, as voters – especially as to real estate. 

Closing Thoughts: 

Aswe weather winter and contemplate the hopes of the new Spring, it provides an opportunity to focus more attention on the real estate needs, and questions, of those who are older. The myriad of options are only matched by a myriad of questions – working from home, the multitude of retirement considerations. and even a bit of estate planning. The Goal: Be insightful, practical. Something we can do together. 

It also givesme an opportunity to mention, we are the financing arm able to help leverage your assets, realign your portfolio, or even relocate your real estate – all to help you accumulate wealth. With this, we provide information seeking only plausible financial solutions. The Good News:We have a strong team of secure lenders – ready to lend. We have proven tools, hands-on experience, and ahelpful team to bring success. Give us a call. Let’s to this together. 

Thank you again. And remember, when considering real estate – short, mid, or long-term – call us. We can help you explore the many options and see which ones are safe and feasible. And for Small Business – whom we love – we provide loans that offer a full array of financing – Residential, Commercial and Small Business. And for those seeking tax-advantage real estate, we are proud to offer several proven tools and alternative, especially designed for highly appreciated real estate. 

Success begins in strong preparation. Yet more, you need a strongadvocate on your team who knows the ropes. We are that professional. Call us. We are ready to help. 

Thank you and continued blessings.