February Residential Loan Successes Are In Our Preparation

Good morning to the month of Valentines,

Thankfully a 2nd year of local rains and a potential end to 5 years of drought.

With February comes the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and the start of the annual home-buying Season. It begins in earnest and remains through Memorial Day Weekend. Early buying Season looks promising, with many open houses seeing a large flows of viewers. This bodes well for a great season, especially with excellent interest rates, a limited supply of available homes, and higher employment. Don’t wait.

Affordability: Most interesting: Average increases in wages are in balance with both increases in home values and interest rate. Excellent news for Spring.

Loan Changes: For the first time in nearly a decade, the ‘conforming loan amount’ has increased 1.7 %f to $ 424,100, with the hi-balance limit up to $ 636,150 for most of our local Counties.

For Home-Buyers: A slight easing of qualifications is expected – lower down payment, along with lower credit scores. Also, please shop informed: With more people becoming potential buyers, there is a growing need for careful guidance, expertise, and preparation. We are here to keep you safe. Please keep your referrals coming.

2017 is filled with new optimism. Give us a call.

Let’s see you how you and your friends, fit into this changing market.

Let’s prepare today, for a bright tomorrow.

Lending Tools: Available Buyer Options and Alternative Solutions for Success:

  • 5% down payment up to purchase price of $ 1,575,000.
  • 3.5% down payment to purchase price of $ 645,000.
  • 10% down payment to 2.775 M purchase price.
  • New entry-level programs for buyers, designed to keep us out of financial troubles down the road.
  • A new version of Stated Income – using bank statements. Filling the gap for those who Miss the tight lending guidelines.

Our success stories begin in first pinpointing what buyers are seeking, then putting together available options. Fit to you and your future. With this in hand, one is best able to negotiate the property right for you.

Tools protecting you and securing the Lender’s investement in you.

There are four primary tools used by our lending partners to protect you, as you secure a loan: 1) Ability-to-pay, 2) Willingness-to-pay, 3) Life-style of choice, and 4) value of the loan in comparison to the value of the subject property. Together these help sharpen our focus as to what one can safely buy, while respecting lender concerns and questions. These are key to the success you seek and deserve. It is what we do best.

In Closing:

We truly appreciate the trust you put in for all the people you know, looking to buy or refinance. Let us know as we see the long-term average interest rate of 8 %, meaning rates remain fabulous and history proves the value of ownership. And keep in mind, rental properties continue to perform admirably, in most locations.

A confident buyer, with a qualified agent focusing on the buyer,

plus a proven mortgage broker, is a success story in-waiting.

Give me a call. For success is calling out to you.

If you are ready for success, we are ready to help. Call today.

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