July 2020 Commercial Lending News and Work

Good morning to days of Summer warmth;

What to watch in 2020 – Unintended Consequences and Outcomes

Keep our Small Businesses in mind. They need you and your encouragement. Consider the many facts, once thought pertinent, are now discovered to be seriously flawed. Consider the far too many politicians, sharing the same poor perspective – one blinding them to the real harm and damage, they unleashed. This vast array of unintended violence and deaths, has left us with a serious issue of trust and credibility. In Florida, most recent lab test – all of them – came back 100% positive for Co-Vid. The same is rumored of San Francisco labs. Who do you trust? Political money that puts power before the best interest of the people.

We have a problem and who takes the brunt: Small Business and school-aged children. This is wrong. China dictators are winning and we are losing – our freedoms and integrity that makes us strong and courageous – the American Spirit. The Good News: We the people of America, the unspoken civil citizens, are tired of the shut-down America – at all costs – narrative. We are not powerless. We have the right to vote our truths. Be heard, in November.

Stay Strong and Vote in November

Be safe, be smart, and keeping seeking beyond the headline news. Be loyal to our local Small Business. We can’t make it without them. It is good to see saving rates increasing. For Cash is a great ally and a good reason to refinance your debts. You pay less and save more. Cal today.

Do all you canfor your local Small Business

Unemployment rate: Recent statistics give indication the worst could be over. Key is to follow ‘continuing’ claims, to see if re-openings are bringing needed healing. More people are back at work, than applied for un-employment benefits. This includes those voluntarily leaving the workforce. Let’s hope desperate politicians, desperate for power, keep it to themselves. Instead and far preferred – Leave us to heal.

Re-Openings: Slow, steady. Some of our local, large employers have chosen to continue a work-at-home strategy. Downside: A reduction of ancillary staffing with janitorial, food, and other such services provided by contract. Let’s hope our loyal workers are rehired full-time, again.

Retail: We expect this to remain the hardest hit sector, along with Hospitality. Sadly, sales and financing have pulled back, in both sectors. Another piece of wait and see, is how the public re-engages. Let’s hope we see a surge from pent-up demand and our great need to see and say hi to one another. Let’s hope they are not blamed, for what rioters did and are doing.

Home Refinances / Home Equity Loans: A quick note: The number of applications are many and will stay so for the coming months – as it should. So please, don’t wait. Start planning today, as the process takes time, and these special rates won’t last. Until November, I believe the Fed and DC politicians will continue being consumer friendly. Let’s talk today.

Act Now – Call today. Let’s lock in these rates.

Lower your payments and benefit from more cash in your pockets.

Interest rates scream – take action now. Please

If you are thinking of refinancing a balloon loan, or investing in residential property, or in need of a sounding board – let’s talk, before taking action. This is a great time to: refinance, modify your commercial portfolio, or strengthen the balance sheet. If so, let’s start today. We can discuss the financial advantages of a tax-deferred exchange – how it improves the value of your investment portfolio. Give a ring or an email. It’s a great time and we are ready to help today.

Small Business Lending – Keeping Doors Open – Call us.

While many commercial lending partners continue their holding pattern, not all are. This allows lenders to ask more question: strength of rent collection, more diligence as the property, and more supporting documents. This is what I am experiencing and makes good sense. Lenders need more assurances of tomorrow. Good news: I am ready and know how to help.

Currently, we have loans in process for office condo, and apartments. Most of these are taking full advantage of the great refinance rates. This is highly advantageous for those resetting interest rates – over the next 5 or 10 years – or seeking additional cash-out.

Purchase transactions are a bit trickier. For an existing business, the preferred profile is moving into owned-space. Expansion projects are more difficult and financing new businesses, is on hold. Good news: Investment property is in demand and great financing available. Let’s talk.


As a broker, we provide a needed ray of hope, in these uncertain days. For our commercial client, we provide a straightforward and careful review of available lenders, and the full range of lending options. They are ready and we will get you ready. In this fast-shifting market, we are an excellent pathway to your success. We know how to put together the strong loan application, you need to succeed. We are proven and ready, with lenders ready to lend – today.

Trust the Professional

Trust thetrue value and benefit of getting your loan done – right.

The virus will pass, yet what remains is our being aware of one’s neighbor, in love. Stay well.

Many blessings for family and friends.