June 2019 Letter From My Heart

Good morning to Summer,

Insightful data for the excitement of Summer Buying.

Great News:
Our steady and stable real estate market. It just doesn’t get any better.

Ready to buy? Are you contemplating whether now is the right time? The best way to know is to call us today and let’s do a quick review. Our initial conversations concern the facts and avoids the fictions. Having calmed last year’s speculative market, our markets are more in balance between Buyer and Seller. This is good for everyone. Once again far more homes are selling at or near the asking price, with some having multiple offers and others not. This is how I define a reasoned, normal market.

For those already in their homes, fantastic. Now maybe the time to consider a refinance or credit line, for Summer projects or family get away. Interest rates have retreated from the end of 2018 run up.

For those yet renting – but waiting – what better time to make that first call. Knowing ahead of time what you can quality to purchase and what loan program best fits you, is a great advantage. Plus its free. It is an excellent, step- by-step approach to a very big step in your life. We are ready to help. Give us a call.

Spring is typically the most fun season to buy, but please don’t be rushed into it. It is best to first get your financial picture in good shape first – its our specialty. Call today.

Why the push? Because a solid offer – with few contingencies and a good down payment – are welcomed by Sellers. Often it’s the difference maker. Our real estate friends, when discussing listings, strongly support our call to be pre-prepared by a proven lender. Set yourself apart.

Is this your Summer to Buy? Now is the time to call – Call Mike.

News We Can Use:

▪   Our April cool and stormy rains of Spring added to a nationwide slowing April sales. Most of the slowdown was the NE section of the Country. Let’s just say poor weather is not conducive to the fun of looking at homes.  This is not a negative to our marketplace.
▪   Locally, sales remain on a steady, healthy pace. This is favorable and should continue. 
▪   US Economy: Consumer confidence strengthens and home-builder sentiment tracks at recent highs.  Interest rates are buyer friendly and job market numbers even better. Our friend Dr Doug Duncan, chief economist at Fannie Mae spoke last week and his take is the economy peaked in 2017, and is slowly slowing down the growth numbers.  Expected to continue this year and next year.  Rate are coming down a bit as a result of the economy slowing up.
▪   Additionally, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) cut 2019 global growth forecast, after years of good of growth – to  3.8%.  As for 2020, its forecast more slowing to 3.4%.  For advanced economies, the slide is 1.8%, while emerging markets are projected to slow from 4.5%, from 4.4.%. Good News:  This helps explain why our interest rates should remain steady.

Will California feel the effects? So far, steady interest rates are proving more important than a strong dollar. And when Congress signs-off on NAFTA II, the responding growth should help offset troubles with China, and slow growth in Germany. Free-markets and fair trade working.

News of Interest: The Bay Area continues adding net jobs, in-spite of one-sided news about ‘everyone leaving California’. Amazing our strength and resilience. Of interest, Seniors are the largest “growth-group” in renters, and are now far outpacing the younger generations. This shift is so significant that the average age of renters, is now 52.


We provide loans for Small Business and Commercial. Even more, we offer specialized tax-advantaged alternatives, when selling highly appreciated real estate. We are proud to say: Don’t pay Capital Gains taxes now, unless you want to deplete your cash.

Bottom line:
Call today and let’s prepare for Spring Buying – Now.

The Good, the Bad, n the Ugly

The Good: We continue the conversation on finding ways to alleviate the need for housing. In Mountain View, they set aside land for our ‘mobile’ homeless people, to park their RV’s. This will help centralized use of needed resources. Now, what will it take to set up parks allowing the same good news, for our tent living brethren? We said we wanted to help, but will we?

The Bad: Useless bantering from leadership, as 2020 election posturing begins. San Jose nudges the idea of a $ 20,000 forgivable loan, to those wishing to add an accessory dwelling unit. To be a bit snarky, to effectively solve a needed problem, perhaps one could see past the ideology and carefully consider how the continual increasing of fees negatively impacts needed housing supply.

The Ugly: How about the joke of a concept given by our new governor – the notion of outlawing gas powered vehicles? It is such an obvious, idealogical cheap shot. For certain we lack the infrastructure and resources to “plug-in”, or the planning tools. Just recently, a San Jose rehab project stalled due to the inability to find necessary electrical resources just to convert the stove from gas to electric. If not here, where?

Summer Buying – A Season of Excitement and Expectations

If you, your friends, or co-workers are looking to buy, give us a call. We would love to hear from you. It is advantageous to have a highly qualified and experienced loan officer, who puts our client’s success first – today and tomorrow. I want you to be a proud, successful home- owner and we are here to help you complete the sale.

Building trust in our partnership, is key and what makes us far more then, “Internet-only”. Moreover, hype is unable to offer you my 30 years of proven success and learned perspective, keeping you safe from unsuspecting hick-ups and expenses. Our commitment is you. Let us be your team member and advocate for you. Together, we can best explore all the options

Closing Thoughts:

We are the financing arm to help leverage your assets and accumulate wealth. We offer needed information – perspective and plausible financial solutions – with strong lenders ready to say Yes, to your loan request. Give us a call. Let’s start building your future today.

Thank you and continued blessings.

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