June 2020 Commercial Lending News and Successes

Good morning to days of Summer warmth;

What to watch in 2020 – Unintended Consequences and Outcomes

Can you tell we are in the season of Presidential Politics – marches, harm to people and property, Seattle, and unchecked emotions. My hat’s off to those showing respect, restraint, and sound reasoning, while speaking from their heart. One minute, we purposed to stay apart, keeping our neighbor safe, the next we are called to march in the streets, as a mass mob.

But for sure, I believe in America and the spirit that makes us one nation – the USA.

Let’s praise our Small Businesses. They continue to prove their creativity and quickness to adapt. They know how to take each day as it comes, loving what they do. This is their dream. Now, let us help them out. Proven protocols: Let us mask up. With 14 days to showing symptoms… NO ONE can say they are not a carrier.

Unemployment rate: The statistics show most of the damage is behind us. Now we follow the ‘continuing’ claims, to see how re-opening begins to heal.

Covid 19: Some claim re-openings are bringing a 2nd round of infections. Is it re-opening or people not following common sense. It could be better testing. This is a story writing itself daily, as the number of people dying is falling. Keep the Space – Keep the Peace.

Home Refinances / Home Equity Loans: A quick note: The number of applications are many and will stay so for the coming months – as it should. So please, don’t wait. Start planning today, as the process takes time, and these special rates won’t last. Until November, I believe the Fed and DC politicians will continue being consumer friendly. Let’s talk today.

Act Now – Call today. Let’s lock in these rates.

Lower your payments and benefit from more cash in your pockets.

Commentary on stocks and bonds: For a time, stocks will follow the positive emotions of the marketplace. Change the emotions and the market adapts quickly. Bonds prices are driven by Federal Reserve policies and their priorities of how they are carried out. And though fluid, there seems little expectation for the Fed to tighten, near term. A more predictable Federal Reserve, one keeping money available – and fluid – is what is needed. Even good tax policy.

Apartments: In spite of varied statistics, May rent collection stayed strong. The extra $ 600 per week in unemployment, is helping support strong rent collections and keeps money moving. Biggest rent reductions are in the “Life-style” asset class, where renters are more mobile and have more opportunity to move around and size their cost of rent. The “Renter-by-Necessity” class is poised to outperform the Lifestyle class – in rent growth – this year.

Interest rates scream – take action now. Please

If you are thinking of refinancing a balloon loan, or investing in residential property, or in need of a sounding board – let’s talk, before taking action. This is a great time to: refinance, modify your commercial portfolio, or strengthen the balance sheet. If so, let’s start today. We can discuss the financial advantages of a tax-deferred exchange – how it improves the value of your investment portfolio. Give a ring or an email. It’s a great time and we are ready to help today.

Small Business Lending – Keeping Doors Open – Call us.

While many commercial lending partners continue their holding pattern, not all are. This allows lenders to ask more question: strength of rent collection, more diligence as the property, and 6 months of supporting documents. This is what I am experiencing and makes good sense. Lenders need more assurances of tomorrow. Good news: I am ready and know how to help.

Currently, we have loans in process for office space, Ag property, and Apartments. Most of these are taking full advantage of the great refinance rates. This is highly advantageous for those resetting interest rates – over the next 5 or 10 years – or seeking additional cash-out.

Purchase transactions are a bit trickier. For an existing business, moving into owned spaces, is the preferred profile. Expansion projects are more difficult, while financing new businesses is on hold. Good news: Investment property is much sought and financing is available. Let’s talk.


As a broker, we provide a glimmer of helpful light in these uncertain days for commercial lending. We offer a helpful perspective and an effective review of available lending options and the lending players, ready to lend. In this fast-shifting market, we are the needed doorway to the best lenders, knowing how to put together the strongest loan application. We are proven and ready to work – today – with lenders ready to lend.

Trust the Professional

Trust thetrue value and benefit of getting your loan done – right.

The virus will pass, but being aware of your neighbor, in love, will remain. Stay well.

Many blessings for family and friends.

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