Letters from my heart

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Letters from my Heart

  • Commercial Lending Successes for September

    Good morning to the economics of hurricanes; Roughly $200 billion of private wealth and public infrastructure was destroyed in Texas and Florida.  For investors, one measure of immediate concern will be unemployment.  In addition, the pace that tourism recovers in Florida and the speed Houston refineries come back on-line, will both heavily influence our GDP.  […]
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  • September Residential Lending Successes

    Good morning to September As we enter the Fall season of schools re-opening and football, a quick review of real estate in the fall, might be fun. Historically the second half of the year slows from the torrid pace of Spring. We also find differing type or attitude of Buyers. In the Spring, you might […]
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  • Residential Lending Successes for August

    Good morning to August days A mid-year review lets us know this should prove to be another year of strong economic growth.  And as we look back over the last 5 years, we see our markets have shown an annual 6+ % appreciation.  It has been a remarkable period of time. Even more, before this […]
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  • Your August Letter From My Heart

    Good Morning to Summer Fun, Last month, we focused on lending programs designed especially for our Veterans. This month, let’s offer some perspective on Reverse Mortgages – a HECM lending program. The good news for our mature clientele: The Reverse Mortgage is but one of 8 available options. This means more choices to best fit […]
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  • Commercial Lending Successes in July

    Good morning, We have put an emphasis this month on loans to our Veterans. Let’s finish the month by focusing, in particular, Veteran business loans. Note, within SBA lending, our Veteran’s fit a supportive niche, one not to be missed. Think of it as bonus points to get funding for a business. Call now as […]
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  • Home Loan successes and information for today

    Good morning to Summer Sun, From a recent success: “To Mike, We just wanted to say thank you for all your help buying our first home.  Being first time home buyers can be overwhelming and you helped make it easy for us!  Thanks again, The B’s” What I see cross my desk speaks to a […]
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