Letters from my heart

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Letters from my Heart

  • December Letter From My Heart

    Good morning to December, Looking past the headlines, we finish this year with our economy continuing to flourish. Good news: wages and jobs march upwards, as we look to the good cheer of the Christmas Season. Call today. We look forward to helping you prepare for your financial future. Why important? Because my concern is […]
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  • Commercial Success in our time of Thanksgiving

    Good morning, as we give Thanks to all, this week of Thanksgiving! Commercial Lending The Business and Investor Side of Our Business Many of the on-going expectations we anticipated, have come to pass. Looking ahead here are a few dynamics that may prove helpful in our looking ahead: 1)  Interest rates: A consistently stronger economy […]
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  • Residential Successes for November 2018

    Good morning and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Many wonder about recent volatility in our financial markets – moving within a wider range than normal. If one considers the wide-range of changing factors – strength of our economy, November elections, weakness in China, stable inflation, and lower energy cost – one can begin to understand the […]
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  • Letter From My Heart for November 2018

    Good morning to the month of Thanksgiving, Both real estate and stock markets are not singing “Up Up and Away” this past month, with the Federal Reserve raising rates, the noise of political elections, and uncertainty of a shift in political power.  Regardless, be sure to vote for what is best for you and best […]
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  • Commercial News and Successes for October

    Good morning to the Fun October – Halloween Commercial Lending The Business and Investor Side of Our Business This past month has been unique, as one watches the markets hesitate in response to the Federal Reserve bumping rates and possible negative outcomes from November elections. How about the Federal Reserve: Over the past year, they […]
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  • Residential Successes and News for October

    Good morning to October and Halloween fun, Real estate housing has a most interesting dynamic, one important for those seeking to finance.  We live in an interesting market where change often brings a broad range of effects. For example,  reforms to Health Care and Dodd-Frank, even the new trade deals with Mexico and Canada. But […]
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