Letters from my heart

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Letters from my Heart

  • Commercial Lending Successes for January 2018

    Good morning to a Year of Expectations: Positive best explains our economy. The Tax Reform package should prove to be a “real” benefit for not only small business, but commercial real estate as well. We will keep you up to date, as we filter out the full range of data and interpretations. The Good News: […]
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  • January Residential Lending Successes

    Good morning to the New year 2018, The tax bill – first major rework since 1986 – brings a few plus’s and minus’s. My first concern is how this might effect you, my client.  But first, unlike the 1986 the tax law, voting on this bill split right down party lines – 100%.   Shameful, […]
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  • January 2018 Letter from my Heart

    Good Morning to the bright prospects of a New Year – 2018, As we enter the New Year, may you be blessed with having enjoyed a restful and lovely Holiday Season.  It is a joy to see our markets’ stability and resilience, filled with possibilities.  Life is amazing. Top four thoughts on what might add […]
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  • Christmas Commercial Successes

    Good morning to the joy of the Holiday Season: Our economy continues positive. With the strength of commercial construction and rents, our jobs and wages continue a slow and steady growth.  This reflects well in the nations GDP, Consumer Confidence, and Builder Confidence.  Merry Christmas. The good news: We are an active lending specialists in […]
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  • Residential Success Stories for December

    Good morning to Winter Holidays and Christmas shopping, It is good and quite satisfying to exceed client expectations. It is what we desire for each client.  This month, we have two particular clients having a most excellent one. But First:   A hopefully helpful perspectives about home prices and buyer patience. Core Logic confirms nationwide […]
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  • December 2017 Letter From My Heart

    Good Morning to December, As we enter the closing month of another year, we continue in awe with our market’s resilience, stability, and possibilities. Life is amazing. Business confidence is up, as are our home values. Stocks are at record highs, along with low inflation and steady mortgage rates. This translates into consumers having a […]
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