Letters from my heart

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Letters from my Heart

  • April 4 2020 weekly Lending update

    Good afternoon to a heads up – Corona Virus Mortgage Rates: Time is Now – DON’T MISS OUT– Keeping real about Covid-19, while trying to calm the stormy waters of doubt and uncertainty, is the goal. The below facts are a good backstop to any level-headed guidance. This is especially true for those owning real estate […]
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  • April 2020 Letter From My Heart

    Good morning to Spring blossoms and hopeful end of the Corona virus, There is a testing of a combination of drug, in New York City, showing positive results. It was first tested in France. We await the results and hope it succeeds on a wide scale. Good News: This is not the only combination drug […]
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  • March 27 – Weekly Update During the Coronavirus

    Good afternoon to a heads up-response to the Coronavirus  Mortgage Rates: Time is Now\ – DON’T MISS OUT– The next 30 days will be quite insightful. Also, it may be a good time for careful listening and to be most watchful, as one begins to carefully evaluate near term possibilities. There have been many dramatic changes […]
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  • Corona Impact to Market – March 2020

    Good morning to a heads up – Corona Virus Mortgage Rates: Time is Now . – Don’t Miss Out – Time to ride this wild bull called Cov-19 and try to quiet the ride. My goal: Provide a backstop of facts to provide some level-headed guidance, especially those involved in real estate and real estate […]
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  • March 2020 Commercial Lending News From a Different Point.

    Good morning to wary times of worry;  What to watch in 2020 – UnintendedConsequencesand Outcomes Daily, we witness multiplegyrations of the above cautionary statement. Only this time, on a scale never before experienced orthought possible. And somewhere between the known and unknown, thereseems a vast rangeof everybody’s best guess and speculation about a rapidly moving pandemic. The outcome: Staying home, limited work, closed schools & borders, and even restaurants. Expectation: […]
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  • Residential Lending and Successes for March 2020

    Good morning to Corona Virus 2020; Mortgage Rates: Time is Now . – Don’t Miss Out – If you are waiting to buy, wanting more bang for your buck? What better time ? In a nutshell, hyped fears surrounding Corona Virus are consuming the markets. And responses are rapid and dramatic. Some countries are restricting […]
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