Letters from my heart

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Letters from my Heart

  • November Residential Lending Successes and News

    Good morning to the Thanksgiving of November !!! Mortgage Rates Bounced Up – But Rates Remain Great . – Don’t Miss Out – Watching and waiting to buy? Wanting more bang for your buck? Now is the time. What if you Are renting? We offer market-based calculations comparing renting vs the benefits of owning. Answers […]
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  • November 2019 Letter From My Heart

    Good morning to the upcoming Holiday Season, Year-end review and analysis quickly approaches. Imagine in 2 months, another year comes to a close, as we begin to review the benefits and strategies of the coming national elections. Being an election year, one can anticipate little to no substantial action from Washington, D.C. Great News: Local […]
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  • October 2019 Commercial Lending Successes and News

    Good morning to the fun Feast of October – Octoberfest; I trust this fine Autumn day finds you in good health. As we approach Halloween, voices of the so-called market timers and prognosticators are becoming more vocal, seeking hidden cracks in our economy. The most recent haunting speak to what is called, shipments. Historically it […]
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  • Residential Lending Successes and News for October 2019

    Good morning to the Welcome News of October !!! – Mortgage Rates Are Down – . Don’t Miss Out . Lowest since January 2018 Waiting to buy? Want more bang for your buck – Now is the time. Are you renting? Check out our market-based calculations for renting vs owning. Answers can be rewarding. For […]
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  • October Letter From My Heart

    Good morning to Fall Season Buying, The most recent event with The Norris Group, in Costa Mesa, was an “over-the-top” learning experience. It was a marvelous opportunity of hearing and listening to people, I feel, are very much in the know. They were far more concerned about our real life realities, than the childish politics […]
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  • September 2019 Commercial Lending Successes and News

    Good morning to the Fall Season; I trust this letter finds you in good health and your Summer was of many good days. Good News: We here in the USA, are not in a recession. Yet we are benefitting from slow growth in the EU and China. The Benefit: If you have a commercial loan […]
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