Letters from my heart

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Letters from my Heart

  • Commercial Successes for September

    September Commercial Lending and Information for Investors: Fall is upon us and for Investors, this is an excellent season and reason to call us to review current financing, discuss what lies ahead, and financially prepare for tomorrow. Good News: Latest report from the NFIB – National Federal of Independent Businesses – revealed their highest sentiment […]
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  • Residential Successes for September

    Good morning to September and Fall 2018, Real estate housing has a most interesting dynamic important for those seeking to financing. Often there is confusion when marketing and media seek to compare “median home prices” – 1/2 of buyers are buying at or above the median price – with median household income. This is an […]
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  • September Letter From My Heart

    Good morning to Labor Day weekend, I trust the weekend to celebrate our Labors, was a good one. What a great way to close Summer – BBQ’s and fun trips, along with finishing last minute projects. For me, my past-time joy of harvesting our honey comes to an end, as we prepare the bees for […]
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  • Commercial Lending Successes for August

    August Commercial Lending and Information for Investors: Special Invitation: Final call to the Norris Group event, if you would like to join us. On Friday, September 28th, we have a table at The Norris Group’s: I Survived Real Estate. It is a black tie gala and we will be at the Nixon Library. This event […]
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  • Residential Successes for August

    Good morning to August, A fun August traditions of mine, is the enjoyment of older cars and hotrods at the “Hot August Nights” event in Reno. See you there? I do like Summers with its vacations, outdoor BBQ’s, and trips to the lake or beach. A great time to gather together with family and friends. […]
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  • August Letter from My Heart

    Good morning to Summer Days of Vacation and Family, A fun fact of history: From days past, August was often called “Summer Doldrums”. A time for family vacations that left many businesses short handed. It was also a time all new Federal contracts were getting cleared for the new fiscal year. In a good way, […]
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