Rent To Own: Own To Rent

Single Family – Owner Occupied

Full Income qualification and 6 years to take over the home.

How it works:

  • One page initial application
  • Investor pre-approves you for a maximum purchase price, SFR, PUD / Townhome – NO condo
  • You enter contract with 3 % deposit
  • Investor reviews contract, title, property valuation
  • Investor closes for cash, your deposit increased to 5 % and held by title
  • Costs to close are 5 % to investor and us
  • Realtors earn full commission immediately !!
  • You have up to 6 years to purchase property from investor.  Standard closing costs apply, your deposit is credited to the purchase.  Your ‘new’ purchase price is 1.5 % more than the contract purchase price.

This program is for buyers able to qualify to purchase a home, but unable to complete due to past foreclosure, short-sale, BK

Brand new program October 2014.  Let’s see how much we can do, call today and let us find out for you if we can change the answer to a YES!


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