March 2021 Commercial Lending News and Successes

Good morning to daylight savings time and Spring; 

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Along with intermittent rain, we have intermittent CoVid updates. The news continues to strive to find conflict, to serve a strange range of highly varied opinion, yet avoiding pertinent data. Not helpful. Bottom line: Amen for relatively low rates, with thankfulness for relatively stable markets.

Stay Strong – Be of Great Courage

Take Full Advantage of Great Rates

Calls to Action: We are receiving more calls concerning a growing need of specific interest –  ‘Tax Deferral Consulting’.  The Good News: Our emphasis on this detailed specialty, is expanding to include both California and nationwide. The beauty: There are more options and tools than just the strict rules of the 1031 exchange? Let talk, today!

SBA Lending: 1) SBA lending continues at full steam, 2) Refinances are allowed, again, and 3) some rates on buildings, starting in the 2’s % !!  Good News – CalToday! – Don’t Delay.

Do all you can for your local Small Business

One cannot repeat this enough. WE need them.

Unemployment rate: People love to play with such numbers. Yet, in the end the best working percentage is 10-ish %.  Question: Though CoVid relief and expanded benefits, are important, can this become a disincentive for asubstantial number of people to return to work? It may be awhile before we again see mid-single digit unemployment. But it needs to be a first priority.

Re-Openings: It was nice to eat in a restaurant again. Particularly as it was raining ! How about a street-fair show, during a sunny Saturday? The People were energized by the restored freedoms. 

Commercial Refinances: Yes, CoVid has wrought havoc to our P&L’s.  The Good News: Financing continues, albeit a bit more diligence in the quality of paperwork. It is what we do:

Balloon Loan in need of a refinance? Perhaps investing in property is your priority? How about a good sounding board, before deciding? My suggestion: Let’s talk first. One thing for sure: These very low rates offer a unique opportunity to: 1) Secure solid financing, 2) Modify one’s commercial portfolio, 3) Strengthen the balance sheet, and 4) Increase net cash. If you are ready, I am ready. Let’s start today.

In the works:

Rent collection for Apartments: At year-end, an estimated 28 % of tenants still owed

something to their landlord. The latest CoVid bill might have monies for landlords to recapture 80 % of the past due rents, if they forgive the other 20 %.. 

 Office properties: Tend to be wobbling sideways, awaiting the economic stimulus and most critical and necessary, easing of CoVid restrictions. Which way things go.. we shall see. 

 Reopening of Schools: Another key component to a return to normalcy.  There are new negotiations with some deadlines going out about 6 months. I do expect a major shift in expectations, before the next school year.  Work at home, with in-home day care /schooling for the children, is not the best solution.

 Good News:

We do ‘on-the-edge’ financing. This includes: Gas Stations, construction companies, and even commercial condo’s.  Included is a smattering of small apartment buildings.  It is a team game.  First with lenders having an “on-going-work” approach to lending and wonderful clients ready to work and meet the challenges. Add to this, our profession expertise, and things get down and deals get closed. Let’s talk. Good things come from good preparation. 

News of the moment: 

Market data points: 

 1) Unemployment: Seems stable and steady.

2) Retail sales and Inventory levels – both critical data points to watch.

 3) Inflation: Conversations about inflation and monetary policy. Expect upward

blips in interest rates, as we see the economy beginning to re-start.

 4) Watch tax-policy and regulatory impacts. Both can offset any fed stimulus package.


As a broker: WE provide a needed ray of hope, in uncertain times. For our commercial clients: WE provide a straightforward, careful review of available lenders, with a full range of lending options. If you are ready, they are ready. Together we can make your investment dreams happen. It is an excellent pathway to success – uniting a strong, solid loan application, with interest rates unbelievably low. We are proven, with quality lenders ready to lend. Call today. 


Trust the true value and benefit of getting your loan done – right.

Many blessings for family and friends.