May 2019 Commercial Lending Successes and News

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Commercial Lending
Small Business and Investor Side of Our Business

1) Interest rates: Good news: Rates continue investor friendly. Current expectations are for rates to hold steady throughout the year.
2) Income Taxes: Taxes for 2019 helped us better understand how the tax-cut actually worked. The Good News: Approximately 80% of the people I talked with, did pay a net lower percentage of taxes, even with rising wages. It definitely helped spur real estate and stocks.
3) Commercial: Forget the headlines. Commercial activity – “Imports and Exports” – will continue active. Yes, there are winners and losers, but free markets and consumers, continue to show their ability to adapt and adjust to tariffs and pricing. New sellers, with lower prices, are being found and new ‘supply-chains’ are being established. Don’t panic.
4) Government: China seems more politics than reality. Talks about Russia and Iran are defining. How about Mexico and Canada? Though agreed upon months ago, signing is being held up by Congress. Let’s hope what is good for America, Mexico, and Canada, will not be held hostage to 2020 elections. Put American workers and middle-class first, not Wall Street.


Our commercial activity remains strong, yet lenders wonder if slow growth in China and the EU, may effect us. With steady rates, our markets remain the place to invest risk capital.

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Success Stories

A key to success is our on-going conversations with people seeking to add to their investment portfolio or become new investors. This month, for active investors, I want to suggest the benefits of adding a ‘business model’ to the list of helpful investment tools. Call us for more.

For those people just stepping into the real estate investment, the conversation and questions are often quite different. Below I list the 5 basic types of investing, plus a quick start plan.

The Good News: We have proven lenders able to support and offer lending programs able to meet an investor’s needs. But – planning and good preparation is key to successful execution. There is much to be aware of, plus many needed details, and we are team to complete the deal.

Getting Started: Types of investor activities, for profit:

1)  Wholesale – ‘Time and Knowledge’ vs. Money

2)  Flipping – Value Added

3)  Rentals – Long-term Wealth accumulation

4)  Lending – Source of Lending Money

5)  Agent – Representation – choose wisely

Game Plan: Quick steps:

1)  Pick one of the Activities – Commitment based on numbers, less emotions.

2)  Write a Plan – Define your keys of Success and what you want

3)  Avoid Costly Mistakes – first seek experienced, qualified, proven associates

4)  Coach, Mentor or Accountability Partner

5)  Competitive Advantage – Resources, Talent, Partners, Personality, Risk

6)  Do the Math and add a 10% margin of safety.

Over the years, I have written and lived this list. It is the benefit of a cumulative 30-years of time and experience, with the primary concern being your success. It is my first priority.

You have heard me say it before,
it all starts with our first conversation.

Let’s talk today.

Many blessings for family and friends.

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