May Commercial Success Continue Rolling Forward

Good morning, as the commercial markets heat up.

This month:

Flexibility in the commercial market. A welcomed opportunity

bringing more success, for more investors, in more way.

Check the list and see if they fit you:

  • Refinance: 20 Acre parcel defined ‘off-grid’
  • Equity Credit line: Downtown San Jose retail property. Also, Homes in Los Gatos and Fremont
  • Equity Credit lines: Investment property in Saratoga
  • Using an IRA to purchase investment property.

Unusual? Yes.

But it shows commercial lending is more than just office and apartment building, and more than the retail stores we are most custom. It also helps introduce the others tools we are able to provide to help you meet your investment goals or business needs.

Our goal: Finding solutions that work to your advantage.

Major players often talk restrictive financing, for their own purposes. My brief, but to the point response: BULL. We continue financing projects the way we have for 25 years. Using good discipline and sound planning. No lender argues against this.

If you are ready to move forward, we gladly await your call?

Let’s get started.

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