Brainshare – 2014

Brainshare, by Joe Siecinski

A fantastic quick read to optimize most businesses.  In reading through, there will always be one or two things we can incorporate into our business to streamline, optimize or just plain help to get it done !

As a disclaimer, Joe is my on-again, off-again business coach.  It doesn’t take too much time with him to lay out the next phase of what I need to be working on.  Then I go and work on it, until I accomplish the goal and have some more time to invest.  I believe a permanent part of a business.

Strategize, Build, Implement, Review.  And the notes on how to do each one.  This book is not a do-it-yourself project, although many of us will do so.  The information will help to go DIY.  The use of a coach just ups the game.

For those desiring a bit of work on the business of your business.. read and enjoy.  To your better business tomorrow.  My thank you to Joe !!

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