Emerging Real Estate Markets – 2012

Written by David Lindahl, a noted trainer and investor in commercial residential income property across the US.

One of my more enjoyable reads this year.  David brings a fresh approach to investing through experiences he lived through.  Not teaching from a podium, but from the up’s and down’s viewpoint of a practitioner.

He walks through his successes and analyses them after the fact.  Not accepting a good run as dumb luck, or that of a pompous know-it-all.  From the hard knocks of what changed in the local market affecting his property.  Working through the market facts of successful projects to create an operating agreement he can take to virtually any market.

Enjoy this read, it is quick and easy.  Direct and truthful.  Not only do you feel the progress David makes in his life as he writes, but you can see how you to can embrace the practice.

I add this book to the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member, National Association of Realtors) course work I have done.  Sprinkle in market research training and experience and we can make numbers work in virtually any market.  I would love to work with others who believe in finding neighborhoods and properties that can work.  This book will be a centerpiece for my future work.

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