Endgame – 2013

Endgame, by John Mauldin and Jonathan Tepper

Having been a long-time reader of Mr Mauldin’s blog and newsletter, the book was everything I hoped for.  A very straight forward, simplified analysis of what is transpiring our national and international finances.  Governments do drive a lot of policy and have the task of sorting out all the pro’s and con’s to implement fiscal policy.  In a nutshell, what are some of the potentials we face.

Published in 2011, even with our fast paced markets, the principles and potentials are there.  Written from the vantage point of an investment advisor with access to an incredible wealth of people around the world.  The views are not from an academic viewpoint, but from the streets of our investment capitals.  How the markets do interact and interplay between countries and continents.  Heavy on analysis of what we have today and how we got here.  Not the dogma of the subprime crisis, but the teachings of decades of action / reaction.

For those interested in the action / reaction of markets, and investors seeking to understand to better protect themselves, this is a definite book to read.  A decent synopsis would be a mini-book all unto itself.  This readers ‘thumbs up’ for those who invest in more than real estate.  If you do, the book will be worth the read.

Be well, be interested and share.

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