Life By Design – 2011

Life By Design – by Tom Ferry

A chip off the ole block will be a common refrain for readers who are familiar with Tom’s father Mike. Focused, intense, and a ‘do it or forget it’ style of encouragement.

Tom starts the book very open as a complete screw up who should probably be sent off to a prison camp somewhere for a couple of decades. Along the way, his bottom is hit and he begins the climb.

Climbing all the way to the top. Teaching and guiding at each step. It is like climbing a mountain. If you are already at the 2,000 ft level, ignore his teachings for those only at 500 feet. There is room to continue climbing for the most knowledgeable among us.

A great and quick read for those needing a tune up, that do not like to re-read books. For those who like the re-reading, stick with those books already on your shelves.

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