Real Estate Tsunami Survivor’s Guide – 2013

Real Estate Tsunami Survivor’s Guide by Peter Ingersol

I have met Peter on a number of occasions and welcomed the opportunity to read his book written in 2011 as our financial markets and real estate markets were beginning to find some footing.

Peter’s take on the collapse of the financial markets and subsequent collateral downturn in the commercial real estate market is spot on.  Action / reaction.  Buyers’ attitudes and thought processes, lender’s having the same reactionary emotional wave.  Interspersed with his straight forward humor and calling a rock a rock.

Investing in commercial real estate is for diligent, thorough and thoughtful people.  Peter leads through the process, noting the many signs of potential.  Both to the positive and in-depth of the negative.  The calculations and dynamics of commercial real estate and tenants needs to be considered.  A very good read for those in commercial real estate for a tune up.  For those desiring to expand into commercial real estate and even for those recovering from the past travails.

Information packed, humor riddled and not a fluff piece.  A great read.

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