Selling The Invisible – 2012

Written by Harry Beckwith, published 1997.

I thought this would be one of those boring diatribes by many talking heads preaching a narrow vision and path for a broad target.  Was I ever surprised.  The breadth of the book addresses every size and category of business.  Asking questions, we as business leaders need to answer and address.

Marketing, Follow-up, Self-vision vs. Customer Vision.  Written in my favorite reading style.  Fast and furious.  The anecdotes, the quips, the profound questions and insights.. all so fast to seem coming from a fire hose.  First reading, left realing.  This book is on my short list of must reads.  As you can tell from my going on about it, compared with other reviews here.

Every marketer should read on a semi-regular basis.  I cannot say enough, go buy a copy!

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