The Creature From Jekyll Island – 2011

A history spotlighting the symbiotic relationship between banking and governments.  The paradigm view from a conspiratorial viewpoint.  The study views the players and how various monetary systems come to be.  How they grow and the causes / effects when they crumble.  Common thread is the ultimate failing.

Each time period moves in similar fashion.  Hard back up like gold or silver, then fractionalizing, them printing of paper to pay for items a government or a country cannot pay for from the vault.

Intrigue in the pages of all the names and places we grew up with in our history classes, with a different focus.  Follow the money, hence my stating a conspiratorial bent to the tone in the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the insights to the rough, ready and nasty side of money through greed, luck and power plays.  Very depressing for a hopeful optimist.  And, quite scary in light of current world-wide resistance to paying the overdue bill (result will be default or depression).  My report here does not do the book justice, simply hitting a couple of the high points for my personal take-aways.  The author is a supporting of returning the a gold or silver standard.  Not my world view of the potentials facing us.  Yet a very compelling case is given.  Good fortune to all.

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