The Crowd Funding Revolution – 2014

The Crowd Funding Revolution by Kevin Lawton & Dan Marom

Having met Kevin at the Second International Crowd Funding Expo in 2013, I was thrilled to get the book he co-wrote and read it this year.

An engaging treatise on the miracle and growth of the crowd funding business. Insights you will walk through- History, Social Dynamics, Rich examples, Challenges, Legislation, Displacement Theory, Potentials.

For those building, developing, financing ideas and projects the book is a great introduction to a less traveled road for funding. Yet, not so much a roadmap to get money as a topographical map of the landscape you will traverse. What to expect, potentials, reality of engagement, players. I am not able to give justice to the broad scope of this book in a few short words. Suffice to say I highly recommend for those who have the potential need for alternative financing needs outside that provided by the mainstream channels. Kiva and Kickstarter are just the opening act to a glorious experience! Enjoy the experience! 

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