The Green Millionaire – 2011

The Green Millionaire, by Nigel Williams

A quick read breaking out dozens of area in our lives where small shifts in our life-styles when compounded create hard serious cash.

A great resource to re-read on a regular basis. The principles are simple. A small shift of say filtering the water you drink every day has multiple benefits: less waste, better health and the step of putting the savings away grows to thousands, even ten’s of thousands of dollars.

The greenest among will gain new ideas, as well as, those just beginning. Take one small change and in a month the book will be paid for. Each following month put the savings in an investment. Watch it grow. From small steps like the filtered water saving a couple hundred dollars each year, to savings with your car that will make your future car free to operate and own.

I recommend for anyone age 10 and up. This isn not spending money to win the lottery. This is real cash that stays with you.

Ways to take control over the conditions we live in to creating and making our lives mean something.

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