November 2019 Letter From My Heart

Good morning to the upcoming Holiday Season,

Year-end review and analysis quickly approaches. Imagine in 2 months, another year comes to a close, as we begin to review the benefits and strategies of the coming national elections. Being an election year, one can anticipate little to no substantial action from Washington, D.C.

Great News:

Local real estate markets continue steady,

as it carefully watches falling mortgage rates,

and typically lower prices during Fall season.

The hope of our monthly commentary is to bring you an overview of pertinent facts to balance out the emotional fears and bring clarity to conflicting news headlines. This includes snippets about monetary policy, finance, economics, and the typical politics of confusion and distortion. With this, I offer my 2 cents, as to how these many variables interplay with your tomorrow.

With this love of real estate, I myself am an active Buyer, Seller, and Investor, with the goal of sustaining a long-term, diversified portfolio. With this, I buy real estate to update, modernize, then sell the updated property. It is here, you learn first hand, the importance and significance of how to evaluate property, based in locations, and having available, the best lenders.

The Good News: The special sauce I bring to our conversations, improves the quality of the sale or refinance. So, is now the right time to act? Best Answer: Call today for a quick overview.

I want you, along with our long-term readers, to enjoy the full benefit of today’s low interest rates – rates not seen for many years. From my perspective it is time to act. Let’s talk.

As we approach the upcoming Holidays, I expect our headline news to shift to a more positive perspective, as the joy of the Holiday’s and its advertisers, want you and I, to feel good and be in a buying mood. Who knows after that, with most media wanting Trump out in November.

So to keep you wise and aware, ours is to point out pertinent facts and avoid the fictions. We layout current market conditions and how jobs, location, and the local economy, are influencing property values and demand. For some, market news says buy, for others it indicates a wait and see approach, and for others, sell. It is what makes the market, our market. But solid facts and data are key and speak to what I relish – the opportunity to assist you in making the best choice – be it Buy, Sell, or Hold.

Rates are great, so prepare today, for your tomorrow. Call today.

The Good News: Homes are selling, when priced to meet today’s market. Sadly, a few homeowners seek a selling price, above current day values; pricing above their professional agents review of the market and current day appraisal. And even though Fall, Buyer’s are in the market and writing offers. Who can pass up these great, low rates. Call today.

Current home owner? Fantastic for now is “that” good time you have been waiting for, to refinance or establish a credit line. With rates not seen since the lows of 2012 and 2016 – now is a good time to finish your Summer projects or get your home ready for winter. It is also a great time to consolidate debt, or simply reduce payments on a current loan. Let’s talk.

Still renting? What better time than now – with todays’ very low rates – to see how much more your downpayment can buy today. We will lay out loan programs – ones’ fit for you – while offering an excellent, step-by-step approach, before deciding. Best of all: It’s free. And with your help, we know how to keep buying a new home, simple and straightforward.

Give us call. We now how to build strong loans so you can provide the Seller a solid offer. Our real estate friends often say, this is the difference maker. Set yourself apart. Let’s talk.

Is this your Time to Buy or Refinance?

We are ready to make it happen – Call Mike.

Helpful News:Facts prove the best way to counter fake news attempts to fear us into a recession. It’s how to correct any misguided distortion of what is real. It is our goal.

  • Economy: Slowing in manufacturing does not reflect recent lowering of Fed rates. So let us not get ahead of the number. Meanwhile the Fed has started a modified approach to QE, to add helpful liquidity to the financial markets. Instead of purchasing 30-Yr mortgages and 10-YR Treasuries, the Fed is purchasing 2-Yr or shorter term bills. How do we know? The 2-Yr yield is dropping and fears of an inverted yield curve are gone.
  • 2020 Recession: Based upon the recent actions of the Fed to lower rates and infuse capital, along with the stimulative actions of the EU and China, it is too soon to talk seriously about any 2020 recession. And if so, we are financially stronger than either the EU, China, or Russia. Our is to keep our economy growing and expanding.
  • High-end Real Estate: Showing a few signs of stress in valuation, due to ups and downs of high-tech stocks and tax implications for loans over 750,000. This market may need more time to digest these factors. The offset – falling mortgage rates.
  • Monetary policy influence: Interesting news: 44 % of those ‘filing’ income tax, paid nothing in taxes to Uncle Sam.
  • Sign of Positive or Negative: Attempts to predict a recession, in todays multi-layered complexities of many intertwined factors, are educated guess at best. One must now look to several factors to help confirm just the direction of the market – recession or expansion – let alone the timing of an actual outcome. Often time, key is either Federal interest policy or the supply – or lack – of available liquid cash.
  • Trade talks: Missing from the headlines – failure to pass the MCUSA – NAFTA II. It will prove an economic boon for California, all US farmers, and workers. Yet after one year, the House still refuses to consider it. Then there is the China / US trade/tariff story. This seems more about political posturing, as they wait the 2020 election results. I can hear my friend Dr. Doug Duncan shouting, “Washington D.C – Do something or there will be a recession.” In short, trust this: They will not listen until we hold them accountable. Call, write, text, email, or tweet your thoughts, today.

Bay Area Good News: The Bay Area continues adding net new jobs, even amidst the news about the great California exodus. Our strength and resilience is amazing. Of particular interest: The largest “growth-group” – in renters – is Seniors. They now far outpace the younger generations. How significant? The average age of renters, is 52.


1) We provide loans for Small Business and Commercial. 2) Even more, we offer specialized tax-advantaged alternatives, when selling highly appreciated real estate. We are proud to say: Don’t pay Capital Gains taxes now, unless you want to deplete your cash. 3) We provide strategies to stay in your home longer, one solution being the Reverse Mortgage.

Bottom line:

Call today and let’s prepare for your tomorrow – Now.

The Good, the Bad, n the Ugly

The Good: Wage Growth

During President George W’s eight year presidency, US median wages rose a paltry $100 per year. During President Obama’s 8 years – starting in the lows of a recession – wages rose $1,000 per year. How about the first 2 years of President Trump? Median wages rose $5,000 per year, per US Census Bureau.

The Bad: Puerto Rico.

In 2004, Puerto Rico’s population peaked at 3.8 million, steadily declining since, with a continually worsening rate of decline since. Added to this were two major hurricanes in 2017 – Maria and Irma. The worst fear: Puerto Rico’s population is now 3.2 million, suffering what is often called a death spiral.

The Ugly: Press Bias

Nationwide we are doing GREAT, contrary to most media. For example, Diana Oleck of CNBC, chose to characterize a slight drop from a 12-year HIGH – in new home sales – as an obvious sign of a failing economy. This is a purposed mischaracterization of actual news and speaks to a bias that all but wants a US recession. Something is quite wrong here. Then again, fewer and fewer people are watching, what was once a very big podium.

Fall Buying Season – A Unique Season of Great Opportunities

With mortgage rates so very low, are you, your friends, or co-workers looking to buy or refinance? Give us a call. We would love to discuss your options and opportunities, while letting you see for yourself, the advantages of having a highly qualified and experienced loan officer, on your team. I puts my client’s success first – today and tomorrow. I want you to stand proud, as a successful home-owner, knowing we stand together, until the sale is completed and all questions answered.

Above all else, is our building a trusting partnership. It is key. It makes our shared efforts far superior to an “Internet-only” approach. Regardless the fake and hype, a computer is unable to offer you, my 30 years of proven success and learned perspective. I know how to keep you safe from unsuspecting hick-ups, added expenses, and unsuited loan programs. This is my commitment to you. Let us be your team member – and advocate – for your future successes.

Closing Thoughts:

We are the financing arm to help leverage your assets and accumulate long-term wealth. We offer needed information – perspective and plausible financial solutions – with strong lenders ready to say “Yes”. Give us a call. If you are interested in this kind of outcome, let’s start building your future, today.

Thank you and continued blessings.

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