Credit Rehab Process – DIY

Credit rehab process:

  1. Go to each bureau and retrieve your free annual

Note: Each bureau has minor differences in vendor listing, account numbers and even what is reported.

Each report with have bureau specific challenge forms to correct information

  1. Debts owed:A) Contact vendorB) Negotiate and or just get current $$ to pay off

    C) GET in writing agree to pay off debt. Signed by a real employee

    Letters typed with “Customer Service Representative” are not accepted by all bureaus. Unless you include a copy of the birth certificate of Customer Service Representative

  2. Repayment:A) Send check (recommended to NOT allow ACH, money orders, etc.)B) Make copy of check you are sending

    C) Retrieve copy of cancelled check from your bank when it clears

  1. Credit Bureau ChallengeA) Complete 100 % the credit bureau challenge form to have line item updatedB) Send with copy of letter, copy of check, copy of cancelled check

    C) 5 weeks from mailing you should receive another copy of your credit from bureau – verify the challenged line item has been corrected

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