Residential Loans

This section is as much a dictionary as a list of the types of loans I am able to secure:

If you have a lending need not listed here, by all means, reach out to me.  The list below is not all inclusive.

buy provigil europe First Mortgages:

Condominium to 4 unit property:  Considered ‘reseidential’ lending.  Requires NMLS licensing to do the loans.  Purchase, refinances, cash-out.  Title held in persoanl names and trust.  Also considered first mortgages.

Rovigo Second mortgages:

Can be residential and commercially secured loans.  Both fixed rate and HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)

order gabapentin for dogs Alternative Financing:

Carmen de Viboral Private Money: aka Hard Money or Bridge. Utilized as short-term capital and for both short and mid-term in circumstances where the property and / or the borrower needs time to be able to secure longer term conventional based financing.

Construction Financing:  Residential homes, remodels, commercial, small business.  This financing is based upon a set exit strategy for the financing.  Selling or refinancing.  And, is based upon the future or after repair valuation of the property.

Reverse Mortgage: A very specific loan for homeowners seeking a unique solution for a cash-flow challenge.  Although there are many specialists in this loan venue, I personally believe clients should work with people like myself able to offer a complete palette of options.

Foreign Nationals, Entities and IRA:  Special loan programs available.  Individual circumstances are met within the broad reaching sources we employ.

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