Understanding Todays’ Market

Today’s market is a hodge-podge of conflicting information. I strive through reading multiple sources of information to better understand the dynamics within the current interest rate market. This requires reading from disseminations of the bleeding conservatives to the liberal edge of the democrats. Both quite scary. Part of the understanding requires some level of acceptance of who the current power brokers are.

In taking all of this high level cause, action, reaction… we then come down to the streets where we each live and love. Planning the near and mid-term course of our financial beings keeping a weather eye to how our course may be affected due to regional, national and international politics.

In this regard, who do you want to be providing services to you? One who reads tweets, or one who delves into the issues of the day. The choice is yours. When you decide, call me. Let us get the conversation rolling. And your financial future as well protected and hedged as we can.

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