VOTE: November 2020: Letter From My Heart

Good morning to Fall Days and cooler evenings: 

Don’t Wait – Call Today

Rates steady – many seeing 3%, even into the 2%’s. 

The Election soon ends and regardless the outcome, the absolute 

importance of careful planning and solid preparation is most clear. 

With talk of a second stimulus check, there is talk on street of rising inflation. Inflation is often a key variable for investors, as they plan ahead and anticipate future investments. At the same, some inflation is also a good thing. Even our Federal Reserve recognizes this need.  The good news: This election cycle – and its outcomes – will shed a clearer light on this discussion, our future economic growth and risk of inflation. We will be here for you, as we keep a watchful eye on these matters and how they might impact you. 

Current day, interest rates are again nearing the high marks experienced a number of times over the past 2 months. From my perspective, I think they will turn over and walk back down after the election. I feel we are in a trading range, and will continue there. Time will tell. 

Talking of inflation: The past decade of high inflation in medical, housing, and food has only marginally impacted the bond market – not what experts warned. In contrast, interest rates have generally trended in a wide band, supported by the safety, strength and growth in our US economy, relative to most other world economies. This makes our bonds and Treasuries well-loved and in high demand, offsetting most expressed fears and doubts. With the strength of our recovery from CoVid, there seems little reason for this to change – short to mid-term. This resiliency is excellent for home Buyers and provides strong confidence to real estate investors. 

Suggestion: We have been here before. We hit the 3’s in 2012 and again in 2016. Sadly, many possible Buyers sat on the sidelines. Why? They hoped, even gambled, for what did not happen – even lower rates. With rates saying, “Buy now – Don’t wait” – let’s talk now. 

Consideration: If you took advantage of 2012 rates, let’s see if now is a great time to refinance into 15-year mortgages. If you have a great rate of 2016, it is a great time to consider a new 20-year loan. Why? Both options offer you substantial savings with the added benefit – shaving years off your loan. With this ‘bird-in-the-hand’ moment, don’t miss out. Let’s talk about how to best benefit from the many options I offer. Let’s talk today.

Keep in mind: Best rate – matched to a poor strategy – is a far more expensive refinance. Instead, considers rates – and a loan strategy – best matched to you and your tomorrow. 

Corona Virus and CoVid 19

The ebbs and flows of headline noise continues. Hospitalizations up, then down, then steady. CoVid is up, butflu and influenza are down. The Good News: Death rates are way down and the children are proving quite resilient. Even better, we have learned how to adapt and not let the fear of the virus, run our daily life.  More good news: A vaccine is coming and self-tests are available. I believe we have turned the corner, regardless media manipulations, fears, and confusions. Yet for me, what remains most important: Investing discipline and solid planning. 

Lending Rates

Real Estate continues burning hot. Not just month-over-month, but a year-over-year. In the midst of this, comes public policy selling “affordable housing”. Yet until the greed of cities, counties and states recognize and abate on the horrendous costs loaded onto affordable housing, this noble idea will die in the nightmare of bureaucratic confusion. For example: consider rent control. For the investor, to make a fair return, they necessarily stop re-investing in their property. In the short-run, this compensates for lost rents. Yet in the long-run, the quality of the property, available to the renter, declines. Question: What then is the motive for an investor to not let the property become dilapidated? The better answer: Your vote and how one votes. My opinion: Free the free market and trust in its ability to meet renter needs and demands.

The Good News: Truth Before Headlines Politics

GREAT RATESMany starting with a 2% !! For Jumbo loans, we see rates solidly in the lower to mid 3’s. More good news: “Property Inspection Waivers” are possible, if net equity in the home is high. Loosening of Loans regs – even a bit – is benefit for all.  Call today.


New home sales: Lowest levels of supply / inventory in years. To meet today’s current demand, would require nearly 40 % increase in building. Based on simple supply vs demand, continued appreciation is expected. This relational imbalance has remained true for decades.

How about Sellers? They are in charge again. Sellers are once again seeing “offers” over the asking price.  With this, Sellers are now asking for more than just a pre-qualification letters. They want and are receiving Pre-Approval letters. This makes it clear the absolute necessity of loan preparation, especially if you want a leg up on other Buyers. Good News: We are expert at both and know how to expedient the process. Time to put time on your side? Call us.

For Clients: In these days of CoVid, we have the technology to help keep you safe – Electronic signatures, dropbox, even web-video. They give us ways to gather and move information, while meeting safety needs. We are here for you, in more and better ways. Give me a call.

Excellent Rates – So prepare today, for your better tomorrow. Call Now!


THE GOODWhite House Taking Action When Needed

PPP loan forgiveness – and it’s paperwork – was a fast, needed, though sometimes quirky, attempt by D.C to help during the government imposed lock-down. Good News: We are learning to navigate life with awareness and good common sense. Let’s continue on this path. Let’s open the doors to schools and businesses, and especially support Small Business. It is time to move forward and put life in perspective. We are ready.

THE GOOD:  Pride of America – The Working People

The number of people receiving benefits, declined better than expected – about 1 Million – this past week. This after considering all meaningful numbers. Excellent. 

THE BADLies Disguised as Truth

Just read the Santa Clara County Tax Assessors report. One would think this is under good news, with valuations for property tax collection up almost 7 % from last year. Possibly why this is classified as Bad: 44 % of our property tax revenues go to K-12 schools and within this there is a 7 % increase in funding – this year. Over 10 years, this totals jumps to 84 %. Ask yourself: How do we still have problems with needed supplies in our classroomsFirst: Bloated administration bureaucracy.  Second: Schools Boards being part of the problem. 

And, let’s not start with the State ripping off the funds from Lottery. And again, the same School Boards are part of the problem. Are we being “gamed”?


In brief: Political nightmare and financial fiasco. Even the newly negotiated deal between Trump and Amazon, may not be enough to plug this union driven, sinking ship, called USPS.

Consider: In 2005, the USPS handled 25 billion pieces of first-class mail and periodicals, plus 25 billion pieces of marketing mail. Current to 2019, first-class volume has fallen 56%, while volume for marketing mail fell 24%, to 19 billions. This is a collapse to just 12 billion! Now consider, USPS union employment has fallen a mere 22%. 

Wonder why mail-in balloting?? Let’s remove the politics and union influence. Let’s get real.


1) We also provide loans – new and refinance – for Small Business and Commercial. This may prove most helpful near-term and longer term. 2) Plus: We offer specialized tax-advantaged alternatives, when selling highly appreciated real estate. We are proud to ask: Why pay Capital Gains taxes now? Why deplete your cash, when unnecessary?  3) We also provide strategies to help keep you in your home, providing more options than just a Reverse Mortgage.

Call and let’s prepare for your tomorrow – Today


CoVid and the White House: Too often, we allow our chosen blindness, or worse, the “taught ignorance” of politicians and the main street press, to keep us from needed facts and truths of a specific situation.  The outcome: We mistakenly blame someone or something, when in fact and truth, they deserve our praise, thanks, and gratitude. One example: the continued finger pointing to the White House for a slow response to CoVid-19. Let consider a few relevant factor, to gain a better insight, reality, and sense of the truth:

 A) No back up supplies. Our stockpiles of emergency medical supplies were shipped overseas for humanitarian reasons – earthquakes, hurricanes, mud-slides, etc. Good! The Bad: Congress and Senate didn’t fund the replacement. This on-going disaster of not restocking our own supplies, occurred over 10 years.  NOT 2020! Was it political? Yes !

B) Swabs. There were only 2 suppliers, both in Italy. When they locked down, shipments stopped. Wonder what the politics of this was / is? Next give review of ventilators or masks.

C) World Trade.  We the People are noted for being helpful to other nations. But during troubling times, when something is absolutely critical, needed and medically necessary, we are reminded of the true cost of not having what we need, when the need is immediate. We learn again, cheapest is not always and seldom is, the best. So look to ourselves – how we vote – when store shelves are empty.

D) Infrastructure. Only one president in the past 6 years, has tried to fund it. It still awaits the politics of the House. How is your Internet or supply of electricity\? Lack of infrastructure means we have crap for service in Santa Clara and Campbell – this is beyond poor.

We are a great nation across all the histories.

Vote America in November. Vote a positive tomorrow. 

Keep our liberties and personal freedom alive, trusting in God.

Good News:

Hot real estate is not just in the SF Bay Area. Most of our Country is active and participating, without fears. Why? Low interest rates, pent up demand, and common sense. Such is key to bringing Buyers and Sellers to the table. We have adapted and we are aware. Look to areas without a CoVid shutdown. You will see 60 groups going through an open house. Buildings are being built, and Buyers are back. After talking with many investors, the good news: They are full, at full rents, and solid tenants. Joy of ownership is back. It time to move forward.

Key Question:

Is now the opportune time to act?  YES, with emphasis. Especially if: 1) seeking a good quality home with a good location, 2) excellent / low interest rate, 3) a professional team keeping the client safe and secured against fraud and missteps, and 4) strong lenders able to provide a customizable loan, best fit from them, today, tomorrow, putting you first. This team describes Michael Ryan and I have a strong database of awesome Realtors. Let’s talk

Most Bang for Your Dollar.

With rapid changes in our market – home availability, pricing, loan programs – the best way to be prepared, is to talk today. Meaning no short cuts or wishful thinking. 

The Good News: We love Buyer questions and have helpful tools to evaluate a broad spectrum of questions: Home prices, loan programs, lender options, deferred capital gains, Small Business, Vets, or refinance, etc. Even better, its only a phone call away – Let’s Talk. 

Tax Deferral Programs

Tongue in cheek: State of California desperately wants to thank you for paying them the tax on the Capital gains you earned – on your property. This when you sell your investment property, seeking to relocate your investment dollars somewhere else.  But what if this is a thank you can do without or more important, this is your hard earned money and you want to keep it?

Let’s talk. I have answers and alternative ways for you to keep all your money, working for you. 

The Good News: There are legal, excellent way to keep your money working for you, These strategies are proven and IRS-approved. Sadly, a few active investors are yet aware of its many investor advantages or who is qualified to help.  More good news: I am one of those who can help and ready to act today. And with me, comes the tested experience of a strong support team. We are a network of professionals, here with you, each step. Let’s start today.

First Step is Key: Establishing a sound game plan and carefully identify the specific players needed. Why? Because timing and opportunity are both most critical. Thus a careful, detailed evaluation is the best place to begin. As we all know, to become a champion of success, one needs a good play book and strong supporting cast. If this sounds like a solid path to success, let’s talk and get a sense of your initial thoughts, thinking, and timing.

Closing Thoughts: 

We are the financing arm able to help you leverage, solidify, and strengthen the overall quality of your assets. The goal: To help you accumulate long-term wealth. With this, we offer perspective, helpful information, and plausible financial solutions. Even more, we have strong lenders ready to say “Yes”. If you are interested in this kind of outcome, let’s start building your future, today. Give us a call. 

Thank you and continued blessings.