What’s Shaken In The Big World!!!

Notes and Views from my reading’s with the hope of balancing out our perspectives on market drivers.

Money is created through the manufacturing of goods not currently in existence. Small business creates new markets. Big business matures those newfound industries until a new business comes along. Not allowing for the small business to come is like not allowing for new babies into the world.

Baby Boomers – Beware: We have inherited our parents net wealth, we have lived through unparalleled economic growth in the world. If you are doing so well as to not retire… are you taking jobs away from the young coming online? Work until you are 75 years old and a young person may be permanently displaced. We really do need to go fishing more.

Technological advancements displace the under-educated. The military used to be a catch net for many economically displaced young people. Now the technology requirements displace the under-educated youth.

We cannot experience another “Great Depression”.  All the ingredients are no longer there.  In the 1920’s we had no unemployment compensation, no medicare-medicaid, no social security, no disability insurance.  The worst of the GD cannot occur as we now have social safety nets in place.  We will find different ways to feel pain, just not the specifics of bread lines.

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