Your February 2024 Letter From My Heart with the Good Bad n’ Ugly

Good morning to February and the rainy season !


As we await the fun of Spring Buying – some say it has already started – a quick review about what we do and insight into why.

My hope, from our first call, is to become your relational connection to real estate financing with both major players, like the banks, and those not so well known – wholesale only lenders, private, wall street, insurance, and such.

The New Year reminds us of how “fast” a year comes and goes. As a working professional for over 35 years there is one constant desire; To move through my professional life helping others build a better tomorrow. I notice that for some a singular focus on up-to-date interest rates. For others wealth building and for some protection and preservation. It is important to see how each of them intersect with one another.

Moreover life being in a constant state of change is sometimes moved by things outside our direct influence or things dear to you – one’s family affairs, or bank saving. It is why we need to talk. Please CALL. We have the financial tools most able to help. Key: It starts with our first conversation.


Latest market updates:

10-Year treasury moved back above 4 %, and with yesterdays Federal Reserve meeting peeking back under. Core PCE has finally moved to a 3 handle. Moving closer to the Federal Reserves stated goal of 2 %. Note the Core is a running 12 month average. If we were to shorten the average to 8 months the rate would be 2.08 – right on target.

The Federal Reserve meeting revealed a definite move away from higher rates. It seems clear the Federal Reserve is taking a more neutral look at future rates. This is good news. But for those looking for lower rates to jump start the Spring Buying, it disappoints. Be patient.

Lowering of rates will lower some: commercial loans, home equity lines of credit, and potentially credit cards. If so, I anticipate April or May. With this, I see a more health real estate market as a key component to the much desired economic soft landing.

This is Good News especially with an expected 2 Trillion dollars in commercial loans coming due, this year. As is, over half of these will face financing challenges. Good News: WE have excellent connection for those people – refinancing loans and re-sale loans.

More Good News – CALL TODAY

Are you having difficulties with your current commercial loans? We may have answer. We are in position whereby we are able to modify and adjust them, in order to bring them current. The big benefit: It helps owners to hold onto all their hard work and keep them from defaulting. Even more, it helps removes the adverse and lasting negative affects on commercial lenders. CALL TODAY. Time can be your best friend, help you release built-up stress, and help the commercial lender. Please don’t wait. Let’s talk today.

As for our Inspired News: It comes from a favorite source: Please support them. Its a counter to the preference of Mainstream Media to portray a situation as catastrophic or dysfunction, while seeking the proverbial devil incarnate. Instead, know all of us live with struggle, with few actual victims. Most prefer to find the workable, middle ground, appreciating each situation – its benefits and challenges – to be unique. Key to healing is listening and learning how to better discern a situation for what it is. No fears, just reality. Discern wisely and let’s talk soon.

Looking to Buy or Invest?

Call today and begin early preparation now.

This keeps you ready and flexible. It is key.

The Good, the Bad, And the Ugly

The Good – Violent Crime and Infation?

The plummeting decline in violent crime. During 2023, violent crime plummeted to levels not seen since the 1960s. For inflation, by end-of-year appears tamed and unemployment is at historic lows. In surveys, most Americans still say crime is rising and the economy is struggling, missing this turn to the better. Is this the new normal, post Covid?

The Bad:

Quote from Future Crunch

“We spend a lot of time here criticizing journalists for their obsession with bad news, but it’s also worth remembering that we, the audience, are just as much to blame. The folks over at Visual Capitalist analysed the most-searched-for news stories of 2023, and the doomscrolling is very real. The other thing their graph makes obvious is that the English-language internet is dominated by the United States, which is why all of us are forced to endure hundreds more stories about school shootings than say, malaria vaccines or the Chinese diaspora in Thailand.”

The Ugly:

The election cycle is back. Again which candidates are willing to sacrifice their potential long-term political career to fix… take your pick… the big issues. Transportation, housing, homelessness, the border and drugs. For certain, big problems and big challenges. Do we have the leadership needed to make, support, and carefully guide today’s hard decisions into a better tomorrow?

Bottom Line

We seek to find the good in people, carefully review any negative headwinds, while striving to help maintain a sense of balance and encouragement. Yes, we each have challenges, yet our desire to improve and do better is steadfast. This driving force helps make us better. Clearly higher taxes, and high inflation, challenge family finances. Yet the good news; History shows that this too, will pass. Stay active, motivated, and open minded. Let this reality become our common ground and let your voices be heard.

Planning and Preparation

I rarely change this section. The basics for investing are pretty straight forward. What remains is finding the best path to success and the discipline to stay the course. It begins when you reach out to us. Please make the call today.

Should one invest in stocks, bonds, real estate? Each person has a different view,of potential, of comfort levels, and sense of risk / reward. Such is the heart of the market place and key to one’s “planning and preparation”. To this, we offer clients our expertise and experience, in order to complement your perspective. Our goal: Bring a full range of meaningful options to enhance your discernment, based upon todays market realities. Call today. Let’s set a time.

Our strategies are straight forward, logical, and built on sound reasoning. No doctorate in finance needed.

Why Call Mike

What We Do – Why We Are Here

We know how to explore and carefully examine the many available options. Yes, we are real estate centric for the long term gains anticipated. While we do NOT ignore other types of investment. We scrutinize for safety and prioritize the most feasible. It is how we build a trusted relationship with you, as you grow your wealth and secure a solid future.

Small Business: We love small business and provide a full array of financing tools.

Residential / Commercial: We offer strong lenders and a complete package of lending options.

Tax-deferral strategies: Investment portfolios tend to be dynamic in nature, subject to change and surprise. It is why it is important to keep updated, as to tax law. Herein, is a key question: Pay taxes today or keep your cash, working for you? How? By “deferring projected capital gains tax”? And if keeping your capital – working for you – sounds good, let’s talk. Let’s discuss the best available options and available strategies. Best: We have the professional team to bring it all together. Details matter and they know all the small details.

Why care?: Do you want to payout up to hundreds of thousands of dollars – even Millions – when there are tools to keep your hard earned money working for you – and your estate. Interested? If so, now maybe a good time to talk – to start planning for tomorrow. Tax planning is a good strategy, especially with new laws wanting to stop you from passing highly appreciated real estate, onto your heirs. Your estate matters.

What We Do: Our role is to explain and bring clarity to time-tested strategies able to keep your money working for you. For me, this presents a solid opportunity to keep your cash and build wealth. One that is worthy and a profitable use of your valuable time. Let’s talk.

Tools: We offer multiple tools and proven methods for highly appreciated holdings. The goal: Keeping your cash in your proven hands. Our team offers highly qualified and knowledgable professionals, are ready to make it happen.

Retirement: Like myself, as we mature, real estate becomes more personal. If you agree, let’s talk. Together, we can help find answers and solutions to questions about a too soon tomorrow. We can start today. How? By addressing a range of questions, from working at home, to a multitude of retirement options. Our efforts are to bring clarity to important real estate planning issues.

Our Purpose:

Be insightful and practical.

Working with you, to find best answers and solutions.

Always Being Straight Forward, with No Short Cuts.

Success begins with solid preparation and a proven professional – Mike Ryan. I know the ropes and am a proven advocate. I offer time-tested insights and experience. Best, I love to see my clients achieve their goals. Call us – the professional team who stands with you. Call today.

We are ready and forward looking !!

Thank you and blessings to all.

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