August Shows No Letup in Residential Lending Successes

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Ken Rosen, a respected member of the financial community, predicts more job growth over the next 5 years. Yet he is also expecting a period of economic slow down. This mirrors recent jobs growth history. In 2015, job growth was less than the 2014 pace by about 13 %, while 2016 job growth is off another 15 %, from 2015. Still adding jobs, simply a slower pace.

Growth continues, however we need to be alert to the actual pace.

Nationwide predictions for annual home appreciation remains between 5 and 6 %. With our very attractive mortgage rates, expectations for home sales remains good. This positive appreciation will likely cause more homes to enter the market, while any slow down in job growth, should help keep mortgage rates attractive to buyers.

This past month has been good. In the hectic pace of the refinance market, we brought success to many clients, after they first heard “No”. Lending is challenging and is why it is a privilege to have clients turn to us for help.

We have gained this trust and reputation and now

want you to join our increasing list of success stories.

With out years of experience and wide band of lenders, we know how to turn frowns into smiles of success. And what better way to help our clients get on the road to accumulating wealth, than through home ownership.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. We love all loans and always enjoy a good challenge. Put preparation, diligence, and proven success, on your team.

Have a fabulous day and talk with you shortly ! 

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