Business/Commercial 12 Step Loan Process

Business and Commercial Loan Process:

1) Complete 2 page “Loan Request” and review the checklist of supporting documentation

2) 15 minutes +/- conversation to determine minimal information to set-up loan search

3) Initial market research to determine lending solutions, parameters and viability of request

4) Thorough accumulation of documentation, review and revise loan search as needed

5) Final hard research, tighten up quotes

6) Conversation for your final go or no-go instructions

7) Submit to funding source

8) Letter Of Interest from funding source – first round loan approval

9) Order 3rd party reports

10) Final underwrite and written commitment from lender

11) Loan documents and signing

12) Funding

A loan is a process whereby we connect your requirements with those of funding institutions with a particular interest in providing for that specific interest of yours.

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