Commercial Lending continues to Rocket into 2016

Good morning as spring approaches,

Information fills the news. Some conflicting, some confusing and some actually helpful, if you love commercial investing. The number one topic: Are we in a “bubble”? Simply put: No, not this time. Here’s why. First, the Dot-Com /commercial sector bust was caused by the rapid growth of speculative companies having balance sheets of promise, not substance. It was a time of an over exuberant IPO market place, where discipline failed. Fortunately, today’s office buildings are being filled with solid tenants, most listed on the stock exchange, with solid balance sheets and strong net cash flows.

Lesson learned: No more here today, gone tomorrow tenants.

This is not to say we won’t over build or over promise. History says otherwise. But for now, we are in the midst of a great market, having low rates with an appetite to refinance the numerous 10-year commercial loans coming due this year. What a great way to shore up the balance sheets, add cash-flow, re-invest in your business, and clean out the ‘too edgy’ financing of a decade ago. It a good day and time, to give us a call.

The next couple of years will establish financing for the next decade

What an opportunity. Please call today and let take full advantage

of this market place while rates remain so very low.

Quick peek into some projects completed or underway, using a solutions-based planning and execution approach to success.

1. Private money: Secured on personal residence to pay commissions & TI’s on a shopping center. Fast, no income qualifications, with large loan amount.

2. Purchase money: 75 unit apartment building, 65% vacant with red tag issues. Working through plans and permits to secure one loan – construction/perm – with fixed rate of 4% for 35 years.

3. Purchase small office building: Low down payment with demonstrated development potential.

Our funding partners include traditional banks, each their own niche, Wall Street firms, and private equity. This gives opportunity to find the loan best fit for you.

Conversation – Strategies – Solutions – Execution.

Give a call. Let’s review your plans and see how we can help turn them into success. Good planning is key to a successful tomorrow and a profitable today.

We remain, gratefully yours!

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