Commercial Lending Successes Continued

Good morning and welcome to Fall,

Nationwide, commercial numbers hold steady, even nudging ahead. Occupancy and rents are higher, with construction going strong. Yet within the numbers, one can see a market less sure about tomorrow.

Perhaps concerns of a Federal Reserve rate change or November elections. For sure, markets seldom like unknowns. However, none of our current indicators suggest anything like the last 3 major recessions.

Here are a few factors worthy of watching:

1) Spec housing-construction lenders,

2) Hospitality lending,

3) Media headlines – negative or positive hype

4) Government compliance. It is leaving little room to “build”, what little we can – i.e. prime property and nothing B-class or lower.

careful consideration – good preparation – effective execution

Why are such factors important? They give needed time for careful consideration, good preparation, and effective execution. And it is here I can be of most help, especially the first 2. The last one is up to you.

Good news:

1) Credit lines are available, not only for residential, but also for commercial / investment properties.

2) As for traditional financing – The doors are NOT closed! We simply have to dig a bit more. Key is for us to correctly identity and clean up past road bumps. And best: Such work is at the core of what we do for you.

The goal of our initial conversations is to leads into Strategies. These help you decide yes, no, or maybe. And “Yes”, even maybe, is the trigger to put our words into successful actions and timely conclusions. Sound good?

Give us a call. It is an excellent place to begin and a good way to determine the next best step. Good preparation is key to a profitable tomorrow.

Have a fabulous day and talk with you shortly !

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