Commercial Lending Successes Don’t Stop

Good morning to the promises of the President-elect,

With most of the election turmoil behind us, lets look ahead to the issues critical to our commercial market, where basic investment fundamentals remain unchanged, regardless elections – jobs, cash flow, profitability, risk and rewards, taxes, regulations, and interest rates.

Our role is to put careful review and study upon the viability of any tax proposals or regulatory changes that may effect profitability, cash-flow, and employment opportunity. Within this, let’s be reminded that Silicon Valley remains a fascinating economic engine, across the globe.

The good news: Our commercial activity reflects this and is the fast-growing segment of our business. This includes: small apartments, residential construction, small businesses, and office and industrial.

Our primary specialty concerns commercial loans from $500,000 to $2,500,000. In this market niche, we offer access to dozens of financial sources, providing you a diversity of deal structures and terms. It is our special sauce. It is where our clients find multiple options and optimal solutions, while meeting specific needs. Few Banks offer this.

Give a call. Our focus is you and your success. Have a great day!

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