Commercial Lending Successes – July 2018

Welcome to a Summer Rush of Commercial lending:

Two Most Important Invitations:  

Keep your July schedule open. I will be presenting our “Tax Deferral and Avoidance Strategies for Highly Appreciated Real Estate” in San Jose at the SJREN meet-up. It is scheduled for July 25th.  Call me.  Attendance is ($10) and I would love to send you the link.

At the end of September, we have a table at The Norris Group’s “I Survived Real Estate” black tie gala, at the Nixon Library.  This event is $ 200 per seat and it is sells out each year.  If you have interest, please let me know – our table is filling-up quickly.  Please call soon.

News of the Day

Summer doldrums have re-appeared, as is typical.  But don’t fool yourself, quality locations and certain product types remain as hot as ever.  Some segments – lacking sufficient supply – have become over-hearted.  High employment and rising take-home pay, continues to drive the marketplace.  In short, demand is not the issue.

We continue our brisk business in small apartment complexes, small business lending and construction.  Add to this: Our tax strategies that keeps more of your capital gains working for you, is helping bring more properties to the market. It also helps our Realtor partners.

Past Month Success Stories

Our recent successes include providing ‘last minute’ funding to one of our “fix-n-flip” partners.  Another is from the Northern part of the State. Here we secured purchase financing for a small apartment building – with no prepayment penalties – among other attributes. And for a Realtor partner, located in the Mid-West, we were able to provided a financing solutions for a bulk condo listing.  Challenge made – a solution found. Call us.

Not everything we do is, ‘right down the middle of the fairway’.  We love down the middle, but ours is to be ready and prepared for whatever endeavor or challenge you are pursuing.  We hope our stories help provide a sense of the range of work we can perform.  So give us a ring, either for yourself or someone you know, with projects in need of trusted, proven care.

Our Woking Definition of “Commercial”

For us, “commercial” lending is when a loan is not directly related to Dodd-Frank financial reform act.  Thus credit lines, private money, and agricultural / estate properties are not “true” residential loans – even if some consumer lending is involved.

The good news:  We are active in each of these sectors of lending. If you or a friend is seeking commercial financing – give us a call.  There isn’t much we cannot handle.

Looking Ahead: News and Comments

Long-term Interest rates have trended sideways the past month, even in some cases dropping slightly. This even though the Fed’s keep nudging short-term rates.  This brings conversation of an “inverted yield curve” – comparing 2-year Treasury against 10-year.  With this, based on past patterns, comes a concern of a Fed caused recession.  Let’s hope they do not repeat this pattern again.  In all the times they didn’t, a significant economic slow down generally started 6 months or more, from the point of inversion. The world economy needs a strong US economy, not just the American workers – our first priority.

Let us keep a close watch together, with the hope you keeping coming back each month.

For now, we are in a wait and see mode, while being ever vigilant of both the “good news” and the not so promising news.  We understand that in such times, the “news” is tempted to reach for the dramatic, while ours is to keep to the straight and true, unmoved by the doomsayers.  For me, strength and security are first and foremost, and in this, I am positive.

Our Lending Process

Need the help of a financial expert?  For us, the first step of your success, begins with our first conversation.  This initial call is a proven step to your success. It is here we carefully review three essentials:

1) Availability of Capital,

2) Availability of lender products fit for your specific needs,

3) Business market expertise and insight.

Looking to buy or re-allocate your current portfolio?  Together, we carefully review a number of successful strategies whereby your capital-gains continue working for you.  Such proven techniques can be especially beneficial for highly appreciated real estate.

For many investors, this delaying of the “tax monster” is of great interest.  And best: We we can help you build a step-by-step approach, adaptable to your situation and overall financial plan. If you are ready, give a call.  We will gladly introduce you to six proven ways to “sell and not pay taxes today” approach to real estate – even if owner occupied.  BESTNo cost or obligation to call and ask!

Our Pride is in Your Success 

Regardless the road traveled, experience makes clear two primary keys to success:  1) market timing, and 2) one’s commitment to early preparation.  That said, let’s begin preparing today.  What better way to keep “Father (or Mother) Time” working for you?

Of Special Note:

If you face a financing challenge with either: 1) a turn-around project 2) a failing tax-deferred exchange, due to “up-leg” financing 3) simply need to explore any alternative to paying a lot of taxes, before making a decision to move into the next deal or time in your life, please call.  We are skilled in helping find alternatives for the success you seek.

Excellent preparation is key to overcoming concerns of higher rates.

Let’s talk soon –  the economy is expanding and staying in touch is key to being ready.

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