Commercial Lending Successes rolling through July

Good morning to good news,

Commercial markets remain upbeat. Recent news shows rents still rising, as vacancy rates continue to drop. Add to this, interest rates not seen for 5 years, and one can understand the increasing excitement, whether Retail, Apartment, Hospitality or Industrial. Commercial is a place to invest.

Being aware is the first step to good preparation.

However, as with any improving market, there can be rain clouds. We are now 10 years from the go-go years, when commercial properties were over valued. It is also the time when the 10-year loans used to finance these same properties, come due and payable. For some this can be a great opportunity for far better rates. For some, valuation and cash-flow maybe prove difficult. In both cases, we can help.

The opportunity is at hand and now is the time to act.

Overall, the SF Bay Area has recovered, and we are here to help you negotiate the best loan for your needs. This is an opportunity not to be missed, with no better time than now, to call. We want to help you keep all your option open while locking-in these great rates. Early is key.

The challenge is at hand, and we have the team for success.

You have a need and we are here to do the work. Construction money, credit lines and more.. all fit into our commercial tool box.

Let us know if you or someone you know needs our professional approach to success. After 25 years of helping clients succeed, whether Commercial or SBA-backed financing, we know what it takes and how to make it happen.

Enjoy your summer, as we look forward to your call.

Gratefully yours,

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