Commercial Lending Work Continues Strong Into the Year End

Good morning,

The politics of guessing interest rates. Does the Federal Reserve want to raise rates? Their words seem to say yes. Will they raise rates? The open market remains mixed, having heard this before. However, the October Jobs report might provide the needed excuse, but one must wonder.

Yet the market is responding to this potential, with loan rates moving higher for both commercial and residential. The good news: Any change will likely be quite small, currently about 1/4 %. Bottom line: if you want the best commercial rates, now is a good time to act. Give me a call and let’s review the numbers.

Continued good news, news providing more investor confidence

Refinance activity remains strong across the many individual sectors: Apartments, Industrial, Retail, and Office. This continues to show Lenders becoming even more secure in lending. Why? Because Capitalization Rates remain compressed, while corporate Balance and Income Statements continue to improve. Excellent.

As a result, current business owners could not ask for a better opportunity to refinance. If you are seeking to reset your loan, while also receiving additional cash for your business, join the crowd. Give us a call. Your business will benefit.

Give a call. We love reviewing with investors, the potential to reset their loans, ones able to provide better terms and longer future horizon. This is especially true if your current loan is 10 plus years, regardless the commercial category.

We are here to help you build a stronger and more secure tomorrow.

Let us know who comes to mind, someone who could benefit from resetting their loan and securing a better tomorrow.

Have a fabulous day as we remain gratefully yours.

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