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Commercial Lending

The Business and Investor Side of Our Business

This past month has been unique, as one watches the markets hesitate in response to the Federal Reserve bumping rates and possible negative outcomes from November elections.

How about the Federal Reserve: Over the past year, they have accelerated the pay-down on the 4 Trillion of mortgage loans on their balance sheet.  Amen. Even more, as of October 1, the amount of new buying of debt is $0.vs $80 billions per month they were doing. And what speaks well?  The open market is able to provide monies needed for all the new debt.  Not so well: debt, both corporate and government, continue to increase.

This gives good reason for rising interest rates – meaning somewhat less buying power less. Yet due to trouble in emerging markets, instability in the EU, and slow growth in Japan, future rate increases may slow.  Let’s explain.  When one considers a European 10-YR is 0.6%, while 0.1% in Japan, this wide differential should help keep our 10-Year Treasury –  between 2.9 – 3.2 % – quite attractive.

Why?  Because money and investments seek the highest return, that are also safe, secure, and stable.  Fortunate for us, that means us – the USA. Thus with money flowing into our markets, our rates should stabilize compared to other countries, while also benefiting us with increased foreign investment, higher GDP, and more jobs.

Such are a few factors – plus inflation – affecting our interest rates, with some insight into the decision making process of the Federal Reserve. Time will tell, as we keep watching.

Good News:  All real estate assets, classed as commercial, both Statewide and Bay Area, are showing great numbers – rents are up, vacancies under 5 %, and net absorption still quite positive.  Only retail is lagging, as should be expected.

Are you looking for commercial investment property? Don’t be surprised if the number of available properties feels like slim pickings. This makes preparation and planning all the more important, so you are ready to act, before the next investor.

This also raises a critical question: As an investor, should you hold steady or instead, consider diversifying your investment portfolio?  One helpful tool for your review is our study of a broad range of economic data and opinion. With this, we also discuss the benefits to your bottom line, using tax-approved tools to keep your “capital gains” working for you – if you chose to sell. It all about helping you make solid, secure financial decisions. Want to know more?  Call today and be well prepared for tomorrow.

News of the Day

Business stays strong:  Commercial leases remain hot and purchases are doing well. Plus  Small Business continues firing on all 8 cylinders.  In short, consumer demand is not the issue.  Starting preparing for your tomorrow, by calling us today.

Small apartment complexes, Small Business lending, and new constructions, continue at a brisk pace. This is good news for Realtor partners and with the help our proven tax deferral strategies, we can help further increase your listings.

Often in our work ready sellers stop or hesitate, due to the tax bite called capital gains. To this we offer 6 proven means for deferring or even avoiding such taxes. This often proves key to helping an investor move forward, in pursuit of future goals and desires. Call today.

Foundation of our Success Stories 

We love the “can you help” calls, where a party of the deal – full of hope and expectations –  sadly is short on reality.  Our role is to pull away the fluff and bluster, re-connect the dots,  and then bring a “lost” transactions to a successful close. Our duty is to focus on reality, seek out options, and then find a solid solution. Call today. We know how to help.

Do you have a worthy investment in need of an honest hearing, yet rejected simply because it was not ‘down the middle of the fairway’. Then call us. Our style is different.  We instead, take pride in helping you meet the financial challenges your investment deserves.

Have a project ready to be heard?  We have lenders ready to lend.  Let’s talk, today.

Looking Ahead: News and Comments

Commercial activity is ticking up and single-family delinquencies continue to drop. More Good news: Interest rates continue steady, with upward movements constrained by weak activity in the EU, Japan, and China.  More good news:  Consumer and builder sentiment continue strong, as consumer buying exceeds expectations and net take home pay is up.

As we consider the headlines news, keep in mind the political bias of election news.  They may not always accurately reflect the truth of what is actually happening.  For myself, my focus is to keep to the straight and true, unmoved by doomsayers, and making your long-term financial security, my first priority. Call today and stay ahead of the curve.

Our Lending Process

Need the help of a financial expert? Most success stories begin with the first discussion.  It is critical.  It is here we carefully review three essentials:

1) Availability of Capital,

2) Availability of lender products fit for your specific needs,

3) Business market expertise and insight.

Looking to buy or re-allocate your current portfolio?  Together, we carefully review a full range of successful strategies, including how to keep your capital-gains working for you.  Such proven techniques can be especially beneficial for highly appreciated real estate. 


For many investors, delaying the “tax monster” is of great interest.  It is here, we can help you build a step-by-step proven approach, one adaptable to your unique situation and overall long-term financial plan.

If you are ready, give a call.  We will gladly introduce you to six proven ways to “sell and pay no taxes today”. This an excellent approach to real estate – even if owner occupied.  BEST:  No cost or obligation to call and ask!

Our Pride is in Your Success 

Regardless the road traveled, experience makes clear two primary keys to success:  1) market timing, and 2) one’s commitment to early preparation.  That said, let’s begin preparing today.  What better way to keep “Father (or Mother) Time” working for you?

Excellent preparation is key to overcoming concerns of higher rates.

Let’s talk soon –  the economy is expanding and staying in touch is key to being ready.

Enjoy your day and we remain gratefully yours.

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