Commercial Success Continues into October

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Let’s review: After recent economic news, here and across the world, the “no-change” policy of the Federal Reserve appears to have been wise. The message: interest rates should hold steady for the foreseeable future.

preferring market data to headlines that sell

The Bay area continues strong, yet the overall US data shows a slowing recovery. The concerns are job creation and wage growth. Add to this dicey international economies, along with a strong US dollar, and the concern is real.

yet lower energy and commodity prices will support a stronger future

Thus this Quarter will be a good one to watch, as it will give a better sense of tomorrow. However, it is often the unpredictable possibilities of war, peace and weather, often surprising the market.

but more, we are entering into another year of Presidential politics.

All of the above will help determine one’s success in commercial financing. But let’s not overlook timing, a major key to successful lending. While property prices and interest rates remain favorable, now is a good time to meet and begin initial preparations – from ‘LOI’ to appraisal, from appraisal to loan completion, and from loan completion to a successful future. A straightforward process, when you have the right professional!

Give us a call. We are ready and prepared to work on your commercial project, with your success, our goal. We are here for you and your tomorrow.

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