Commercial Success for August 2015

Good morning,

Commercial real estate remains active and a solid investment. What is a good indicator? Steady improvements in local vacancy rates. This means more cash flow, which brings additional business expansion and property appreciation. The market is heating up and lenders are responding.

Add to this: Steady and more favorable interest rates.

Short-term trouble in China is causing US money to strengthen. This should help our commercial lending rates stay low and steady, even with an improving US economy. The stronger dollar also brings lower oil prices, improving the bottom line, while putting more cash in the pockets of consumers.

Preparation is key to the best rates and timely execution.

Our clients continue to get funded. Yet many are referred to us, with two bank declines in hand. Sad, but it makes the point. We do our homework, put together what the lenders wants and get funded. This brings a deserved smile, knowing our clients are again able to do what they do best – the working of their business.

We are professionals, helping you execute your profession.

Two recent success stories concern construction-completion loans. We are working with underwriting concerning a Hotel and a Sober-Living home.

Good home work, along with a strong loan packet, is critical. When combined with good timing, everybody wins. Give us a call. We are ready.

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