Commercial Successes Not Talking the Summer Off

Good Morning,

Good news: While many “Big Bank” are restricting commercial lending – internal guidelines – this has proven good news for Michael Ryan & Associates. The outcome: Our “new” clients are finding the vision, and the success, their project deserves. Please call today, we are ready to help.

Here is an example: A couple of weeks ago, Jeremy called. They were buying a multi-tenant building, but due to internal contingencies, Big Bank X put this great opportunity at risk. The outcome: After calling us, we worked through two of our several funding sources, were able to complete the Phase 1 Survey and closed 3 days early.

Success within 3 weeks and smiles all around.

The goal: Better define the need, while simultaneously seeking alternative solutions. This was especially true in this case, as the timely closing of the bank REO was critical. The outcome: With our research in hand and a few more dollars for a fast close, we are able to clean up “occupancy” and take full benefit of the rocking low interest rates when we refinance in a couple of months.

Lesson Gained

This was a good example of a client trusting our suggestion to put additional money into up-front costs. As as result, our client was able to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in upside potential. We love our referrals and if you have a similar need, or hear of one, please call and let us help you to turn dreams into your personal success.

We have the vision and the lending partners you need for more alternatives, better solutions, and the success you deserve. Call us today.

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