December 2018 Commercial Successes and Market News

Good morning, as we rejoice in wishing you wonderful Holidays !

Commercial Lending
The Business and Investor Side of Our Business

Many movements in our markets – anticipated here in our letters – have come to pass. With the coming New Year, let’s see if we can continue to be helpful in our looking ahead. Here are a few market dynamics for us to keep a close eye in the coming new year:

1)  Interest rates:  A weak stock market and softening in Europe, as expected we received a 1/4 % increase yesterday, 
yet even with our strong National market expectations were trimmed from 3 hikes next year to an expectation of 2.  
This should help keep rates within their two-month trading range, with no breakouts up or down.  Call to learn more.
2)  Residential Real Estate:  Activity in our local residential market is again within a more 'normal' band – healthy after a few years of a stellar Seller’s market. 
With this, we anticipate a slow down of appreciation, and if rates rise too quickly, even a slight drop. 
Yet after recent rapid rises in values, any such short-term drop helps prevent speculative buying and selling, keeping our markets in balance.  
3)  Commercial:  Movement in sales and leases are hampered from a low supply.   

Outcome: This pattern should hold, as we await Spring. Good news: the challenge of limited inventory in the single-family market has eased. Yet for commercial, such is not the case, even though commercial is far more diverse and client needs vary considerable.

Call us. We are here to help.

Success Stories

Our latest success concerns a local real estate investor timing out on a couple of projects. Time was extended for needed permits coupled with labor shortages. Being quick to respond, we were able to arrange new financing to successful resolve the timing issues.

Success #2: One of our defense contractors, first trusting his bank, came back after hearing No! Be careful of ‘bright shiny object’, meant for very few. Such loans steal precious time.

Good news: Our commercial success continues building steam, as we offer exciting loan programs, with awesome terms. One client closed an apartment purchase with a 30-year amortization, due in 20, having a fixed rate for 10 years – plus No personal guarantee.

This is the reward of having lending partners who respect our work enough, to call us when help for others is needed. They trust our approach and loan packages. In response we are careful to help them maintain the quality of their depository relationships. Team chemistry.

You have heard me say it before, it all starts with conversation. So give us a call.

Have a joyful Season of many blessings, with family and friends.

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