December Letter From My Heart

Good morning and Happy Holidays,

Merry Christmas in this Season of great joy – the giving and receiving of gifts, of valuing family and friends, and the fun of gathering together. And though I question utopia, it does reminds me of the importance of providing you helpful information. It helps clarify any confusion and makes it much easier for my clients to make the best decisions. You deserve this.

Because we care about you with the spirit of giving, year-round.

My heart-felt desire is having valued conversations with you – to discuss your needs and the strategies best able to meet your goals and plans. Rates are important, but not the first priority. Good planning works best today and tomorrow, with rates a great complement. Sadly, too often clients walk through my door after first being persuaded by the “rates-only” approach to success. Let’s do it right the first time.

Proper planning helps decide the best rate and program.

This Month Data-Points:

  • Headlines predict the Federal Reserve will raise rates. Big Banks would like this, as would people living on savings. And though the move will likely be ¼ %, the bond market is yet to be fully convinced. Regardless, the trend will be upward from here, making now a good time to act.

  • Historically the Federal Reserve does not like to raise rates in an election year. December data will be important.

  • Of Interest: While talking of a rate increase, there is also talk of QE4 (Quantitative Easing, round 4). Sounds like a war on Wall Street.

Good, Bad, and the Ugly:

The Good: Seasonally low energy costs. Though rough on the energy market and those employed in this sector, it will put money in the pockets of Holiday buyers. It should help seasonal shopping.

The Bad: Runaway news headlines, lacking substance while being thin on positive solutions. Let’s hope we are not allowing the fear of offending, to get in the way of the facts. Knowledge and experience we clearly need. My hope is we have the courage to see past our emotional fears and allow for things we prefer not to hear. For instance, needed infrastructure programs and street repairs a better investment than a high speed rail system. With ever more delays and greater costs. It would seem better to spend tax-payer dollars in ways best serving them, based on facts and reports, not fiction.

The Ugly: Government agencies preferring political pork and abusing employee bonuses, when facts and performances, reveal poor performance and on-the-job efficiencies. Look at the VA, the EPA or IRS. Locally, let’s look to the Oklahoma City’s MAPP Program. A well-planned infrastructure program based on simple, straight forward planning: Order, Execute, Fund, Done. A City where the residents choose what to work on and then fund it. What a concept!

Thank you for all the calls, conversations, and referrals. We love helping families change their lives in positive ways. It is what makes me tick and keeps me focused on my strengths, your needs, and the lenders best able to help me serve you. Success is far more than just rates.

Give a call. Finding strategies and loans that work for you, is what keeps us unique. We find YES, when most say NO. Your success always comes first.

I trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as we remain gratefully yours,

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