December Residential Successes and Thank You’s

Good morning to the Holiday Season,

With our very best and most hearty “Ho, Ho, Ho”, we want to pause and give thanks. You are the awesome friends and clients whom we have helped to buy your homes and investment properties. We hold firm in our belief of improving values in the uniqueness of the Silicon Valley – a great place to be a homeowner.

Here is a short list of our tools we have successful used to benefit our clients this past year.. As you review them, if someone comes to mind whom we can help, please let us know. Our ‘getting it done’ approach helps bring solutions and smiles.

Check these out:

  • Veterans – no money down with the very best rates of any Federal backed program, up to $ 625,500.
  • 1st-time homebuyer, using rents to help purchase a 3 unit.
  • A no-money down replacement home, using a low interest rate (3 %), when cross collateralized. For a $ 1,650,000 purchase !!!
  • Purchasing additional rental properties – number 11, 12 and 13 – with 30 year fixed rates.
  • First and Second loan combo for a 10 % down to a self-employed restauranteur.  Very tricky tax returns.
  • 1st time homebuyers, with all gift money
  • Inherited property needing the fix up money

Having these tools available is a good thing. Yet knowing how to best apply them to your unique situation, is what we do best and sets us apart. It is the magic of our success – the experience, wisdom, and professionalism. Give us a call.

Have a fabulous Holiday Season, filled with great joy.

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