February Letter From My Heart

Welcome to the heart of February,

Oil has yet to find a bottom, gas prices continue lower, while area rents are rising and property values remain healthy. Now there’s something to cheer about. What about tomorrow? One can only guess. Yet for today, falling mortgage rates will likely continue and demand for refinances will continue to heat up. Don’t miss out. If I may, we were right about rates, and the Feds were proven wrong. Let’s hope they might finally learn to listen to the markets, before acting.

My summary: Let’s enjoy the ride and the opportunities while we can!!.

Interesting facts that may help explain why real estate is a good investment:

  1. Property values in TX, OK, NC, TN at all-time peak numbers.

  2. While overall Property values in CA remain ½% below their peak values, major metros are above peak values. The outlying areas continue to lag in value appreciation.

  3. Rates for homeownership continue very low, with numbers not seen since 1967.

  4. Bay Area job growth leads the nation, as does Venture Capital Investments.

  5. Local unemployment rate holding at 3.9 %, with strong take-home pay.

  6. In 2015, Santa Clara County added 44,000 net jobs

  7. Number of units under construction last year – completed or near completion – 17,000

  8. Median Income for Santa Clara County in 2015, increases to $ 115,000.

Good, Bad, and the Ugly

The GOOD: Let’s give the Good award to those who read and follow our monthly letter. You all always prove to be responsive, thoughtful, and caring. Your questions are good and your understanding the need to be ready, before acting. Planning, building and creating is key to the best mortgage. My joy each month is sharing in your incredible lives’ and seeing the results of your fabulous growth. My congratulations on your proven success.

The BAD: The “doom and gloom” that plays so well in the media. They love keeping us on their roller coaster, as they distract us from what is most important to us. They seem unable to see the big picture, with few meaningful details to support the noise. I have yet to hear a home owner or seller, wish to have values drop. Where there are jobs, which we have, there will be growth. What we need are more homes for sale and declining prices will not solve it.

The UGLY: Knee-jerk social and governmental policies. From gun control to coal mining, to health care, to transportation. Let us start listening to the many sane and sound people and stop turning to the wing-nuts spreading fears and phobia. There are many pragmatic solutions and available options, as long as we act responsibly and with good reasoning. I believe in America and her innovative ways of turning lemons into lemonade. We don’t need fear mongering.

One of our goals is for our work to dove-tail with your lives and priorities – your work, your financial goals and investments, your retirement plans, and monies set aside for other priorities. Each is important in helping determine the best loan for you. Short of winning the lottery, planning is often the best way to allocate our hard earned money, as we prepare for a better tomorrow. Securing one’s future is often the optimal approach, and better than a utopian dream.

Give us a call. When working with you, our focus is on more than mere rates. You deserve this and have a right to expect it. And more, we specialize in “Getting it done in the best way!”

We are ever, Gratefully yours,

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