February Letter From My Heart

Good morning to the fun of February,

Glad for the rain, as we look to coming Spring.  This month we will review some insightful discussion points to help us anticipate our new year.

News points:

  • Stocks and Pensions:  Warren Buffet commented:  “Measured against interest rates, stocks actually are on the cheap side compared to historic valuations.  But the risk always is that interest rates go up, and that brings stocks down.”
  • Stocks and Pensions: Gains for last year –  S&P 500 – ranks 8th in the past 25 years. Best year was 1995.
  • Pay inequality:  Great news! Pew Institute research shows the US gender pay gap has dropped from 36 % in 1980, to 17 % today – down to 10 % for young women.
  • World health: Health is improving.  50 % of HIV people are receiving treatment, Leprosy cases down 97 % since 1985, and deaths due to tuberculosis down 37 % since 2000.
  • Ecology: Chile set aside 11 million acres for National Parks;  a province in Pakistan is has plans to plant 1 Billion trees in 2 years;  Cameroon is hoping to restore 12 million hectares of forest in the Congo Basin; while Brazil is working to replant 73 million trees for reforestation.  Also, the ozone hole over Antarctica is the smallest since 1988.
  • Education: In 996, 34% of Hispanics dropped out of high school. By 2016, the rate was just 10%! Similarly, rates for blacks declined from 16% to 7%.. Rates for whites fell from 8% to 5% and the rate for Asians decline from 5% in 1999 to 3% now.  In 2016, 47% of Hispanics aged 18 to 24 were enrolled in college, up from 32% in 1999.

In the early stages of an economic up-cycle – when more cash is flowing in the bank and property is appreciating – often proves the best opportunity to de-leverage or consolidate one’s debt.  It can also prove to an opportunistic time to reposition one’s assets.  Many home-owners and investors try to hold a diversified portfolio of real estate, stocks, pensions, and insurance.  Appreciating a sense of financial well-being. It is the foundation of a secure future and where we can be a most helpful partner, especially while mortgage rates yet remain so favorable.

In this balancing of one’s assets, I am an experienced expert, well trained in both real estate and finance.  My suggestion is let’s talk, so together we can review the ways your real estate assets are “working” for you.  Call today – your better tomorrow is our first priority.  Call today.

This Months’ The Good, The Bad n The Ugly:

The Good: Ongoing legislation promising to free our economy and put more money in more pockets.  Unfortunately, media focus is on priorities that are not of first concern to consumers and tax-payers.  It is the old adage, “it’s the economy stupid.”

My suggestion: Put the emotions back in the bottle, reduce the negative energy, and lets get back to work. Let’s be thankful for every positive conversation, appreciative of being a free-nation governed by laws, and aware of all America offers its citizens.

The Bad: As the economy strengthens, we receive more calls than expected, expressing  “fears” of moving forward.  There seems some confusion between what they hear and read, versus what is already happening.  What I try to offer is that life doesn’t stop and should not be based on fears.  Instead check the numbers you trust – stocks, pensions and retirements, or the value of your home.  If you rent, what has been happening to your monthly rent.  Take a look at traffic during what use to be the slow-times of the day.

It why we loves these calls, hoping to help provide a balanced perspective of our daily realities.  And this, even before effects of tax reform / tax cuts have kicked into gear. Sitting on the sidelines, based on fears and not realities, may prove bad news for many.

The Ugly:  As we move into mid-term elections, who knows the emotional triggers to be  heard from all sides.  Good thing about the internet, you can do your own credibility test to see if the words of the politician match their voting record.

The Bay Area is a young and expanding economy, with unique challenges of geography,  traffic, housing, and demographics. Most of our housing stock is of the first generation.  Thus it is ours to avoid the mistakes of New York, Boston, and Chicago, as our economy reaches outward with new technologies and innovation.  My hope is all with a vested interest, will be heard from and have a role. We are more than a “social” experiment.


Our business is more than just convincing and selling.  Our approach is broad based, with a wide selection of lenders able to meet specific needs.  We love to rub elbows as we bring together lenders best suited for you and your project. With this, we prefer frank and open discussion. What better way to arrive at alternatives and solutions able to answer your concerns and questions. Our hope is to know you as well as our lenders, before executing any decision – even if staying the course prove the best path.

I have over 28 years of lending, with an established base of lending partners 

you can trust, regardless the circumstance.  And its yours, starting with the first call.

Have a fabulous day as we remain Gratefully Yours,

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