February Letter From My Heart

Good morning to the fun of February,

Great News: January rains free us from draught. Our bees may not agree, but the coming bounty of honey will be something to smile about. And, I am running late sending this email out as I am on a short vacation trip, photo at end.

We will cover much ground this month, as our market has provided a great opportunity. As you may have noticed, our local market – single-family homes – hit the pause bottom. What a great opportunity for our Buyers’ to get ahead of the curve this Spring Buying Season. How do you place yourself first in line, for the home you want? By calling us today. It is the best way to bring all the paperwork together and get you pre-approved when you are ready to buy. Today is an advantageous opportunity for local buyers. One seldom seen, so don’t miss out.

Hoping to buy this Spring? Now is the time to begin preparations. Call today. 

Let’s look at the facts not the fears the headlines are selling. For me, itis a golden opportunity. 

Housing Stats:

With interest rates rising faster than the financial reality on this street, our local market became vulnerable to a correction. Rising rates – with rising home prices – is not a good combination. Thus with continual rate bump in rates, Buyers became wary and the drop in sales – below the 12 month moving average – is proof. The interesting news: Entry level homes sold in this market, at about double normal market share.

We witnessed the same drop in our stock market. Yet we have also witnessed a recovery of ½ of the slide. Why? Home rates have stabilized with a slight downward bias. Good news:I expect Spring homes sales to show a positive move in appreciation.

Bottom line: 

Call today and lets prepare for Spring Buying Now.

Looking further into Real Estate 2019:

1) Settling of our disputes with China is a key issue. 

2) Rates remaining stable. Slower economies in the EU, China, and Japan, will help.

3) A stable stock market – supported by a more consumer friendly rate policy at the Federal Reserve – should help build buying power for our real estate market. Keep close watch.

4) Inflation to remains soft: Stable oil prices and rising wages offset by productivity. 

5) If inflation or off-shore economies begin to heat up, expect additional rate hikes. 

6) New construction for entry level housing maybe at risk. Local politics and government decision may raise the cost of construction, beyond what the market can pay. Bad news. 

7) Stock values could show a solid recovery – up 5 – 8 % this year.

The Good, the Bad n the Ugly

The Good:The giving hands and arm of ‘We The People’. Even when we are not sure we trust our politics, we do not stop giving and helping out those in need. We are thankful for the Salvation Army, Second Harvest, United Way and the Scouts – among the many – and all those who freely support them. From me to you – Thank you for caring!

The Bad:Government extortion. It is always a bad practices. Take a look. In the public arena, not in private, comes a self-serving ‘welcoming’ request to our local tech giants. ‘Voluntarily’ contribute $500 Million to the State – for affordable housing – OR GET TAXED! Is this what you voted for? How about our local governments restricting our ability to question, even challenge, a city employe’s statement, position, or accusation. Have we lost our voice?

The Ugly: Fact-base News is lost to untruths of Major Media hype. Here is a recent main stream media headline making the point. Housing prices crash – Case Shiller report.It’s a lie. Here are the facts: November 2018 Case-Shiller reports: 1) nationwide housing prices – month-over-month – UP0.4 % from previous month, itself up UP 0.5 %. 2) Past 12-months show prices UP 5.2% nationwide, after previous 12-month number was UP 5.3 %. Call us first. 

I am thankful for your being regular readers of my thoughts, gatheredtogether from extensive reading, conversations with experienced professionals, and you. As you might suspect, I believe ‘We The People’ need to remain active in keeping our politiciansaware and being held accountable – especially regardingreal estate housing. Politics is a balancing act where all people are heard. It is not meant to be a special interest club. Treasure your vote and let’s make our trusting the integrity of the ballot box, a high priority. It’s your money. It’s your community.

Closing Thoughts: 

We are the financing arm to help leverage your assets and accumulate wealth. We strive to provide information – perspective and plausible financial solutions – and have a strong team of lenders ready to execute your strategy and approach. We have the tools, hands-on experience, and the right team to bring success. Give us a call. Let’s start building your wealth today.

Thank you again. And remember, when considering real estate – short, mid, or long-term – call us to explore options and feasible alternatives. We provide loans for Small Business and offer a full array of financing for all kinds of real estate – Residential and Commercial. We are also proud to offer tax-advantaged alternative for those selling highly appreciated real estate. 

Your best success begins in strong preparation. Let us be your team member and advocate.

Thank you and continue blessings.

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