February Residential Loan Successes

Good morning to the Annual Springtime buying season,

The New Year comes with new excitement. “Open Houses” are seeing dozens of people looking to buy with sales quite decent compared to the last two years of robust sales. Even with the low inventory of homes for sale. Everybody loves Spring.

Here are few year-end economic reports:

  • GDP: Last year’s GDP exceeded the Fed estimates of 2 %. The last quarter GDP was above 2%.
  • Wage growth: The private sector saw a 5.2 % increase in wages.  Full market an overall rate, not including bonuses, of 2.9 %  – BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • Job growth: Wage increases and job bonus may be giving insight into future availability of qualified talent. Are our schools listening? If we lag, we lose.

Interest Rates:  With a growing economy, comes a necessary and needed uptick in rates, to keep inflation and excess risk in check.  Neither is helpful.

Recent Residential Success Stories

One of our clients, preparing to move, asked our help. The task was to “reset” their debt portfolio and lower monthly outflows. They are now on the path to also reduce the years needed to eliminate all their debt.  Excellent decision – good outcome.

The second was far more complex. This was for a friend who first went to his familiar Big 4 Bank.  He was turned down, which then put his “deposit money” at risk. There was – if the purchase was not complete – the added reality of a big tax bill.  In spite of the agents disbelief, our friend called, we jumped in, and the deal was saved.   Yes!!

Working with our Realtor partners, we have a goal:  

‘Close one more transaction’, each year, than they otherwise expected.

Because You Matter

With so many changes coming, a suggestion.  Give a ring before you, or your friends,  consider a change. As time proves, key to a successful endeavor often begins with that early conversation. Maximizing money, time, and opportunities means being aware.

Here is a quick list ways we can benefit your plans and ideas:

  • Conventional Financing. This includes our Veteran’s
  • Purchase, Refinance and Cash-Out loans
  • Construction and Re-Hab loan programs
  • Jumbo loans and Rental properties
  • Buy the “replacement home”, before selling the current
  • Putting off Capital Gains taxes on owner Occupied and Investment properties
  • Reverse Mortgages to meet cash-flow challenges, (we offer even more)

As most know, home finance is far more than just a fast look at the numbers. One needs that first conversation to address questions, while carefully reviewing your concerns and needs. From here, we work together to find what best fits you.

My suggestion:  Plan Today, so you will be ready for your Tomorrow

We are known for our success with straight forward loans.  Yet we never turn down a challenge.  Why?  We love to hear “Yes”, when others say, “no way”.  Give us a call – we are ready to help.

As always, thank you for your calls and referrals.  We love your success.

We remain gratefully yours.

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