For August Our Residential Borrowers Continue to Succeed

Whew, quite the summer. It entered like a fire-storm and the heat continues. More offers are being written, than houses available. Patience is key. Yet what helps make the difference and brings the smile of success, is a strong pre-qualification letter. It is a game winner and our specialty.

With this in mind, my applause to those who become engaged in the market; who call us first, become prepared, and then execute their plan. It is what we council and brings clarity to our clients, making the entire process easier. Then working with our Great Real Estate agents, they become better partners, as together, they pinpoint properties best suited to them.

It helps guarantee success today, and a more successful tomorrow.

We are thrilled with the number of our clients whose offers are accepted the first time. Yet for first-time buyers, this is not always true. One looked for 6 months, writing several offers before finding her new home. It can be frustrating, but with plan in hand, she remained confident. Kudos to her and a “Well Done!” to her Realtors.

We know our business. We know how to help you.

Give a ring. We love to talk strategy and discuss the techniques of success. I have been working with clients for near 25 years and love the joy of my clients receiving the keys to their new home. We are ready, when you are.

Enjoy your summer. Find time to visit with friends and neighbors. Be well.

Gratefully yours,

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